Life coach launches new book | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

In this new age, many activities can lead to confusion and tiredness. Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, a certified professional coach, addresses this problem in her newest book, “Focus on What Matters.”


Coach Pia, as many call her, gives readers a guide on how to put everything in perspective, find focus and clarity, and live life’s purpose. In her book, she shares a notable experience that led her to creating a framework, and eventually writing a book about it, that helps put things in focus.


A near-death experience had her asking, “If these were my final moments before judgment, then have I loved enough? Have I maximized my full potential here on earth? Have I lived my life’s purpose?”


Coach Pia suggests that through these life-changing situations, or even ordinary and neutral ones, it is wise to focus on what matters.


Her newest book, which followed “Born To Be A Hero,” talks about how to live a meaningful life, and the process one has to go through to focus on the things that are necessary, and let go of the things that are not.


“Focusing on what matters begins with laying the foundation for finding clarity through the exercise of self-mastery, self-development and self-commitment—a process that we call Inner Work,” coach Pia says in her book.




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