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OCTOBER 27, 2022


For more than 60 years now, Panasonic has been providing a wide variety of products, systems and services in its effort to realize “A Better Life, A Better World” for each individual customer. The tradition of outstanding quality is the product when Japan’s innovative and state-of-the-art technology meets carefully-nurtured craftsmanship backed by many years of experience.

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To help people accomplish their daily tasks more easily and efficiently, Panasonic pays painstaking attention to the details of functions and designs of all its products. It does not fail to conform to the highest level of quality that Panasonic is globally known and respected for. It espouses a stringent “no shortcuts, no compromises” approach to manufacturing practices to ensure the products’ safety, reliability and durability. Japanese craftspeople constantly strive for ergonomic functionality, intuitive usability, and aesthetically pleasing design. All these qualities are unmistakably evident in all their products, particularly in their newest offerings in their line of household appliances.

The Panasonic Refrigerator

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“Made in Japan” is synonymous with unparalleled quality. Through generations, Panasonic has earned the reputation of providing the world with elegantly functional and user-friendly products. Panasonic refrigerators, as a result, are beautifully designed appliances of exceptional quality that help people experience truly premium lifestyles.


  • -3°C Prime Fresh Freezing. Inspired by the traditional passion for freshness and flavor of ingredients in Japanese cuisine, Panasonic created this innovative freezing compartment. With its unique sensing and temperature control technologies, the Prime Fresh freezing compartment senses when ingredients are put in and keeps them at a steady -3°C, partially freezing them. Helping prevent food oxidation, this compartment can keep perishable foods extra-fresh for up to a week. Partial freezing also minimizes damage to the cells of ingredients, helping preserve their original texture and nutrition.
  • Sensor Technology. Panasonic refrigerators feature five different sensors that equip the appliance to track the temperature of the room, the volume of food inside, and the time of day the customer is likely to use the appliance. Based on this data, it operates to save electricity.
  • Simple yet timeless and elegant exterior design. Panasonic believes that a refrigerator should possess all the beauty and presence of a high-end piece of furniture. Drawing inspiration from ancient Japanese glass-cutting techniques, Panasonic gave the glass panels of the refrigerator elegant beveled edges. The full-flat glass door shines like a beautiful mirror.
  • Functional interior design. The Panasonic refrigerator has a fully extending drawer which extends all the way outside the refrigerator itself for easy reach and accessibility. Three different colors of LEDs accent the Prime Fresh freezing compartment which gleams invitingly like a showcase. And compartment edges sparkle attractively like crystal when opened.
  • Proven durability. Panasonic refrigerators have earned a global reputation for outstanding long-term reliability due to the various rigorous tests that they have been subjected to.

Doors and individual drawers are made to endure twenty years’ worth of opening and closing. A variety of forces are applied to individual parts to check for any sagging or signs of wear. Refrigerators are also tested under extreme heat and cold. Even packed appliances are subjected to brutal conditions, making sure that they will not crack, dent or suffer any kind of damage in transit.

The Panasonic Washing Machine

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Inspired by the fresh and pure water that is abundant in Japan and by the traditional reverence of the Japanese people of nature that extends to water and their appreciation of cleanliness in every aspect of their lives, Panasonic created an advanced washing machine technology that would address this love of and insistence on cleanliness.


  • Active Foam System. Applying the power of water pressure, the washing machine whips water and detergent into fine, dense foam and powerfully injects it into the drum from above. The foam then penetrates deep into clothing fibers, where they efficiently lift and separate dirt. The result is a freshly-washed batch of clothes that are immaculately clean! The Active Foam system also helps shorten the wash cycle, saving the consumer precious time. This newest washing machine from Panasonic provides an amazingly fast-speed wash.
  • 10-Degree tilted drum. The tilted drum is placed in the machine higher than is typical, allowing the user to easily see and reach down –significantly reducing the need to stoop. The tilt also makes it possible to open the door during operation since the water cannot flow upward and out. Further, it enhances the efficiency of water use for excellent environmental performance. Finally, the tilt makes possible more efficient use of space for a more compact and aesthetically pleasing appliance.
  • Sensor Technology. Panasonic washing machines feature sensors that detect the water temperature and the load amount, allowing it to minimize the use of water, electricity and time while still achieving optimal results.
  • Minimalist yet elegant exterior design. The minimalist horizontal and vertical lines and simple circle motif of the Panasonic washing machine harmonizes perfectly with its interior. Unmarred by any bumps, depressions or gaps, the front is perfectly flat. The chrome ring around the door heightens the clean look of the machine, while the control panel located on top helps eliminate visual clutter. In an area of the home that often gets messy, this washing machine helps keep everything looking great and running smoothly.
  • Proven durability. Every washing machine is subjected to several tests including rigorous durability tests, shock resistance test and safety test.

The Panasonic Air-conditioner 

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 4.42.48 PMPanasonic started its venture into creating air conditioners through cutting-edge technology in the year 1958. Today, almost 60 years and numerous innovations after, and through a quantum leap in design and performance, it has created a new standard for all air conditioners. Peerless design. Powerful cooling. Perfect comfort.


  • Skywing. Controlled by a Multidirectional Arm, the Skywing can cool you in two ways –Radiant cooling and Fast cooling. In Radiant cooling, the Skywing angles upwards to direct cool air towards the ceiling and walls, spreading cool air gently and evenly throughout the room. In Fast cooling, however, the Skywing angles downward to provide you with immediate cooling at startup.
  • Sky Stream design. The Sky Stream design embodies the elegance and pursuit of perfection inherent in Japanese design philosophy. The airconditioning unit sports modern and minimalist lines, and has multidirectional arm and a sliding LED panel.
  • Sky Controller. The remote control has been redesigned for maximum ease of use and to complement the stylish new design of SKY series units. The Sky Controller has a backlit LED screen, a distinctive sliding cover, and a precise temperature control.
  • Nanoe-G featuring Dust Sensor. The dust sensor automatically switches on nanoe-G to purify the air whenever a high level of particle concentration is detected.
  • Inverter (P-TECH). The Panasonic Inverter air conditioner helps you save energy while ensuring constant comfort by maintaining the set temperature through varying the rotation speed of the compressor.
  • Reliability. Panasonic’s R&D focuses on ease of use, and their history of rigorous quality control is unmatched in the industry. As a result, with almost 60 years of experience, Panasonic has sold over 70 million of airconditioning units in Japan and around the world. Aquino