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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Uno, a “pogi” Saint Bernard
Uno, a “pogi” Saint Bernard
Uno, a “pogi” Saint Bernard

Last Jan. 21, I started a personal campaign, announcing that I would do a special Valentine presentation. Pet lovers from different groups responded, and shared their personal love letters with me.

It’s been a powerful experience, making me realize how so many pet lovers entrusted me with their deeply personal love letters, grabbing the chance to write down their feelings for their beloved animals.

The letters they’ve shared have been heartwarming, heartbreaking and inspiring.

Some of them:

A letter to Olipurr
(domestic cat)
Dear Olipurr,
I can still remember the day you entered my life; we were in the car en route to the vet when your papa stopped the car and told me, “Mama, may kuting, baka masagasaan.”

I didn’t have the heart to leave you and put your life at risk, so I decided to bring you to the vet, even though you fought so hard to get away from me. We decided to have the vet name you. She said, “Oliver, because you are an orphan.” And with a clean bill of health, you went home with us.

Everything changed. You controlled our moves, our schedules, our lives. You’ve become everyone’s favorite, the baby of the family, whose funny antics captured the hearts of many.
I love you, my dearest purring machine; you may have been baptized Oliver, but to me, you are my Olipurr, my kuting, my little superstar. Please don’t ever change.

Yours forever,
Mama Jeng

A letter to Tasha Yuna
(Shih Tzu)
Dear Tasha Yuna,
It’s been a year since you came into my life, when my world was so dark, I went into a depression after my failed relationship. You saw me suffer, you saw me cry and you saw me desperate, but you never left. You can’t talk, but you show you understand me by initiating cuddling whenever you see me crying. You lick my tears, you try to cheer me up, so now my motto in life is, “Aso na lang ang loyal.”

Elouis, amixed breed princess celebrating her birthday soon
Elouis, amixed breed princess celebrating her birthday soon

Momma Michelle

A letter to Mimi
(Maltese mix)
Dear Mimi,
The words “thank you” can’t begin to express how I feel.
Many hours have passed happily when my only company was you. When people have let me down, and I’ve felt so alone, it was you who reminded me of your unconditional love and everlasting friendship.

A letter to Elouis
(mixed breed)
My Beloved Elouis,

Thank you Elouis for being so brave, thanks for easing all the sadness. We are always here for you as you’ve been here for us. I can’t image life without you, darling. We love you so much! Advanced Happy Birthday, my princess.
Your Mommy,
May Ann Cajes

A letter to Toby
(Lhasa Apso)
Dear Bebe Toby,
There are so many things that I need to thank you for, from being my alarm clock, whether it’s your tongue and wet nose on my cheek telling me to get up, or you get a running start to come barreling on my bed.

Toby, a Lhasa Apso, is hismom’s alarm clock.
Toby, a Lhasa Apso, is hismom’s alarm clock.

Our home wouldn’t be the same if you were not there. I’m so glad that we have someone as loyal and loving as you. Mom loves you so much, my Toby!

Mommy Heidi

A letter to Cohdy
(Bichon Frise)
Dear Cohdy,
I am so grateful for having you! Thank you so much for coming into our lives! I used to be alone when your Daddy (my husband) was working all day, lonely and thinking of having a real baby soonest to cheer us up and make us happy as we face our lives. But everything changed since you came; you became my daily routine, my companion and my best friend, as well.

Vanilla is a “malambing” Persian catmix.
Vanilla is a “malambing” Persian catmix.

I love you, Cohdy, to the moon and back, and I will be here, whatever it takes, to take care of you and love you! You are my forever!
Mom, Mary

A letter to Mocha
(mixed breed)

Dear Mocha,
I love you! You may not understand every single word I say, but I hope that with every hug, kiss, cuddle, playtime, ice cream, belly rub and lullaby, you feel how much Mommy loves you. You might wonder all your life where my tail is, why I’m not colored brown like you, how I can walk upright on two legs, and why I’m not as hairy or fluffy as you.

Mocha’s mom believes in unconditional love.
Mocha’s mom believes in unconditional love.

But that doesn’t make me any less a mom. Being a mother does not mean being related to someone by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally, and with your whole heart.

Mommy Mabs

A letter to Uno
(Saint Bernard)
Dear Uno,
Everyday has been special since you came into our lives. We had you when everyone was heartbroken after we lost our first baby Saint McKenzie. Losing McKenzie was the saddest day, and left me in a deep depression, but having you gave me hope and healed my broken heart. The first time I saw you, I knew you would fill our hearts. You’re so pogi, and I can’t help falling in love with you everyday, with everyone in the family. You’re so sweet, and you make me feel I am loved unconditionally.

I love you, baby Uno !

A Letter to Lally
(Shih Tzu)

Dear Lally,
I wish I could mail this note and have this sent to you by a postman, and you’ll be able to see it in your mailbox one beautiful morning.

You came into my life and brought me so much happiness, and joy. Every beautiful morning we’re sitting together, cuddling, kissing and playing around, is another day to give thanks to the Almighty.
Thank you for everything.
Full of love,
Mommy Essa

A Letter to Vanilla
(Persian cat mix)

Dear Vanilla,
You are may most malambing, cutest baby. I wish you all the luck in this world. I wish you good health and a long life. I love you so much, Vanilla.

Bing Lim