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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Triccie Sison, Marilou Magsaysay, Helen Ong, Lizia Lu, CCP president Nick Lizaso

Your mantra for the week: “I am free to be me—what a joy it is!”

There is a constant Presence within and around you. Once you become aware of it, this Presence and its Power can change your whole perspective.

Know that everything is first happening within you. When you look at your challenges as solely happening outside of you, you create more negatives in your life. Knowing it is coming from within puts you in control. And God being within you gives you the power to change things around.

A shift in perspective begins to change one’s experiences. When you look at your life from the Light within you through the darkness, you will see the rainbows through the rain. It is about changing or revising one’s interpretation of experiences that really changes everything for the better.

Do not look at roses as having thorns, see them instead as thorns bringing you roses. That little shift changes the direction of your life. The outer is only a reflection and must be handled from within—for you are the projector and what is happening in the outer is simply the screen of your projection.

When your body does not have the strength that you desire, look within and see what is happening. Where are you ill at ease?

Do not give your so-called problems names like “burden” or “distress,” for they become like pets and stay with you.

When you are faced with a money challenge, look within you. Where are you feeling a lack—a feeling that you do not have enough? Remember, The Source is unlimited and It is within you. When you focus on God, you bring forth the blessings of the universe. As you feel God’s abundance within, it also appears in the outer.

When your thoughts are of God and your feelings are of goodness and the words you speak are kind and the things you do are constructive, there is no challenge that is big enough to hinder your movement forward—for God and you are the majority!

Joy Rustia, Frannie Jacinto, Jun Magsaysay, Belen Lizaso

Wonder Woman

Congratulations to Nanette Medved Po for landing on the Forbes 2017 Heroes of Philanthropy list in Asia Pacific. Who would have imagined that Nanette, who once upon a time played Darna (the Philippine version of Wonder Woman) would turn out to be a Wonder Woman of her own kind?

As Darna gave hope to the oppressed, the downtrodden and helpless, Nanette is doing good by donating all profits made from the sale of bottled water with a slogan, “Hope in a Bottle.”

I have always believed that certain individuals receive many blessings from the universe by virtue of the good they are doing for others, like Nanette helping build 37 classrooms around the country that can accommodate over a thousand more students.

When I chose Nanette for Epitome 2014: Dressing at its Best, I had no idea that she had such an advocacy which adds a new dimension to her style and glamour. When she thanked me, she said, “I was so surprised to be in your Epitome list because if you ever saw me when picking up my children from school, you would surely change your mind.” What more can I say, wala na Po!

Helen O hosts dinner

In the last week of June, Helen O hosted close friends, whose birth dates fall on the same month, at her luxurious home in North Forbes. These included Jun Magsaysay, Frannie Jacinto, the new First Lady of CCP Belen Lizaso and Joy Rustia.

The sumptuous, sit-down dinner began with cocktails with lots of cheeses topped with Jabugo ham.

Jun, of course, was with Marilou, Belen with her Nick, newly appointed president of CCP, Joy Rustia with her Joel, and Frannie Jacinto who came alone. Other compeers present: Joseph and Nel Calata, Louie and Triccie Sison, ob-gyn Elsie Pascua, Hermes’ Mario Katigbak who is as in demand as his Birkin bags, and the favorite diplomats of many Filipinos, Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau and Lizia Lu.

Physically vulnerable

At the dinner, I was asked who I thought would win the “Battle in Brisbane,” Pacquiao or Horn. I emphatically pointed out that, strictly based on one’s annual 7 planetary cycles, Horn would be the sure winner because he would be on his 3rd Mars cycle of physical strength and stamina.

Pacquiao, in his 4th cycle of Mercury, would be physically vulnerable because the recommended activities for this cycle would be rest and nonphysical activities.

So, even when the pundits and experts proclaimed that it would take a miracle for Horn to win, I said I believe in miracles, bet on it.

The first congratulatory text I got was from Lizia Lu who said, “You were so right.” Pacquiao, like a typical Filipino who has just lost would claim, “I won.”

Sit-down dinners are not usually filled with laughter, but that night, hilarity was at every corner of the table for 18.

Vive la France

In commemoration of 70 years of friendship between the Philippines and France, the Makati Shangri-La designated 10 days, from June 22 to July 2, as a celebration of everything French—from an exhibit of photographs of French landmarks to French cuisine, wines and its contributions to art and culture.

On the 1st of July, there was a musical presentation, “I Love France,” at the Makati Shang lobby lounge. Guests were treated to a soiree of French songs rendered by excellent singers like Jam Mayoralgo, Allison Gonzales-Tanner and Floyd Tena, with Philippine Ballet Theater dancers that enlivened every number.

A portion featured symbolically French fashion designed by the granddaughter of New Yorker’s Pilar Romack, Tina Lirag, whose mother Liz approached me and said, “I knew your mother, Tita Prissy was one of a kind. I have so many pictures of her.”

Bernardo Bernardo did a fine job as emcee of the musical that made us love France even more. Certainly, the Makati Shangri-La succeeded in converting its Lounge into a top dinner theater venue.

Down under

After news came out that Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s finance chief, was being sued for sexual abuses, I thought to myself, how uncanny that someone from Down Under will go and play around with others’ down-unders.

Why does the Church not get real and accept that celibacy is just for saints? Anyone less than a saint will have to express his sexuality in one way or another. All expressions of it, as far as the Vatican is concerned, is a mortal sin, including masturbation.

The bottom line is, everyone who believes in the Church must all wait for a “wet dream.” Now, that is truly being a wet blanket!

However, the more pruriently inclined end up like George Pell, who, according to a news item, “was pilloried for accompanying a priest to trial rather than the victims, who were so broken by the abuse they had suffered that many of them committed suicide.”

If convicted, imagine a third-ranking cardinal of the Vatican losing his high position through sexual abuses.

From a certain regional place in Luzon, I can now hear voices shouting, “Ay naku! The cardinal pell from fower.”

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