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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Digital eye strain from work
Digital eye strain from work

Studies show that the average Filipino spends 8.4 hours in front of a laptop and mobile phone daily.

According to another survey measuring digital and media habits, nearly one-third of urban Filipinos claim that they are unable to live without their mobile phones.

All these take a toll on the eyes. The use of computers—
whether working, studying or just browsing—is stressful on the eyes and can greatly affect productivity.

It can lead to eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, muscle aches and all the other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS), which normally occurs after spending a significant amount of time in front of a digital screen.

Several studies show that CVS is a direct contributing factor to the reduction of worker productivity, especially among those with repetitive tasks like data entry and research, which are common among the Filipino workforce.

Blue light, the highest energy wavelength of visible light, has been proven to affect eyesight. This type of light penetrates all the way past the natural filters of the eyes and may cause long-term damage.

Frequent cell phone use can take a toll on our eyes.

CVS from blue light overexposure can be easily diagnosed through a comprehensive vision check.

Apart from the usual eye exam, optometrists also check their patients’ lifestyle as another basis for prescription.

There are many guides to protect the eyes from overexposure to blue light. The best way is to use protective eyewear with lenses designed to preserve lutein, the natural protective filter of the eyes.

Vision Express offers the best solutions to digital eye strain with its highly skilled optometrists using the latest lens technology such as Blue Coat lenses that block high-frequency blue light emitted from digital devices.

In addition to these, Vision Express also offers the revolutionary Lutina lenses, which cut out 94 percent of High Energy Visible light that can damage lutein and may cause macular degeneration.




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