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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Solenn Heussaff


We’ve all asked this at some point in our youth: When is it safe to start undergoing treatments for our skin? Is it only acceptable when we have skin emergencies, such as raging hormonal acne? Or should we get it only when necessary—when the lines creeping under our eyes are screaming our age?

At the Aivee Clinic, treatments are for anyone who feels he or she needs them. There’s no “right” time to get them; there are only appropriate services. The clinic’s updated line of noninvasive treatments offers a range of benefits that suit different people of different ages with various skin concerns.

For the young ones

Teenagers don’t need to live through high school with zits, thanks to the clinic’s Acne Facials. Recommended for those 16 and above, the treatments for acne are effective and clear the skin.

The LED Clearing Facial with advanced LED therapy utilizes Ultra Light Plus, which employs different LED colors to promote increased collagen production, acne clearance and deep-tissue healing.


Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez

There’s also the Acne Triple Therapy that purifies, resurfaces and heals even the most complex acne condition. The Acne Detox, on the other hand, clears the bacteria (P. acnes) from the pores, avoiding future acne formation.

For the lucky ones without acne, you can focus on amplifying your glow or boosting your health. The Angel Bright Laser, recommended for those 18 and above, is designed to whiten the entire body. (Yes, from your armpits down to your inguinal area!)

If you want to soothe inflammation and help your immune system, the Aivee Light is great for issues that people of a more mature age go through, namely symptoms of aging, jetlag, fatigue and intense post workout sessions. It uses polychromatic light via IV infusion, making the Aivee Clinic the first and only clinic in Manila to bring it here from the United States.


Gretchen Barretto

For mature skin

Adults aged 25 and above can try more daring—yet still safe—treatments. The I-Lipo is a painless low-level laser diode system that can be used on all skin types to reshape and target body areas. A bonus: no downtime needed!

The Revive Facial also suits people in this age range. This facial is infused with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals together with 100-percent oxygen that immediately lends radiance. It also effectively eliminates free radicals for simultaneous healing and relaxation.

The Shining Bright treatment is a multitasking service that’s good for facial whitening, brightening and tightening the skin.

Other potent treatments for mature skin include the Ultherapy for Under-Eye Area and the Fotona
Totalift. The former is a revolutionary nonsurgical facial lifting and skin-tightening procedure using focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This one’s great for those who are 30 and above, especially those who have crows’ feet and sagging jowls.

The Fotona Totalift is a multistep approach to target imperfections. It is a series of synergistic, noninvasive laser treatments that help with skin renewal and tightening.


Erich Gonzales


Maja Salvador


Raymond Gutierrez
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