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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Medical director Dr. Ellaine Joseph, Nutramedica president and CEO Mae Velilla
Medical director Dr. Ellaine Joseph, Nutramedica president and CEO Mae Velilla

In Southeast Asia, beauty from the inside out is big. Cosmeceuticals or nutricosmetics—nutritional supplements for the skin—have become part of the market’s antiaging routine.

However, there’s a catch in their marketing. While they claim to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture, their packaging states that the products have no therapeutic claims.

When pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company Nutramedica launched Novuskin Lift, company president and CEO Mae Velilla wanted to differentiate their antiaging supplement from the rest of the heap.

“I believe in local clinical trials. Our food supplement must have scientific proof that it is effective and safe. With the results, I can now present it to doctors,” she said.

Clinical trial

Nutramedica tapped VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics (VSRC) to conduct a two-month clinical trial in the Philippines. The findings from the Filipino participants showed that Novuskin Lift helped lessen fine lines, and improved the appearance of the skin in terms of glow, volume and suppleness and hydration.

More important, the supplement did not produce side effects. One capsule daily, taken for two months or longer, will slow down the skin’s aging process.

The trial was designed by Dr. Julia Erika Pangasinan and Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell. Before it was executed, the methodology was reviewed by the Victoriano Luna General Hospital. A total of 84 participants, ages 35 to 60 years old, were randomly selected and carefully screened to qualify for the tests.

Novuskin Lift is produced by Interthai Pharmaceuticals Thailand. “It was developed for the Thai market and merited good reviews there,” Velilla said. In the Philippines, it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

During the press launch of Novuskin Lift’s clinical trials, Ellaine Joseph, Nutramedica’s medical director, explained that collagen levels wane with age. Cells that produce collagen, the protein that forms a structure to support skin, bones and tissues, begin to degenerate and produce less. Since collagen works like the scaffold to the skin, wrinkles start showing and the skin starts to sag and lose its luster as collagen levels weaken.

Natural elements

Novuskin Lift is composed of natural elements—marine fish collagen, antioxidants and co-factor nutrients that target and revitalize the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin.

Both Velilla, 47, and Joseph, 53, have been taking the capsule, and their friends notice the glow in their complexions.

Joseph pointed out that oryza ceramides from rice germs are molecules that glue the skin cells together, building a protective sheet. This holds moisture and invariably plumps up the skin, lending a natural radiance.

The doctor added that marine fish collagen is closest to human collagen. “It has the smallest molecular size so it’s easily absorbed into the blood stream and generates the production of collagen in the skin’s scaffolding. The skin also begins to look fuller and the fine lines are less noticeable. Novuskin Lift provides the materials that you need to restore collagen.”—CONTRIBUTED

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