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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Millennials are some of the most hardworking people in the workforce. Despite being labeled as the “lazy generation”, their powerful presence in the working environment proves otherwise. They are more likely to encourage team spirit, and are determined to accomplish things with enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity at all times.

But there may be times when some Millennials find it difficult to stay productive at work. One moment they are focused, energized, and raring to get things done and then, for reasons they don’t know and can’t figure out, they suddenly lose all that and the day becomes dull.

If you’re a Millennial who wants to avoid getting trapped in that kind of mood at work, try these 7 practices that can help improve your overall productivity:

1. Set deadlines

Distractions are the Achilles’ heel of Millennials. On a normal workday, you’re either reading important materials for your work and/or looking at cute cat photos online.

Give yourself a deadline for every task that you have at hand, and stick to it. This pressures you to get things done faster. Like riding a bike, time management is a skill learned through practice. Eventually, if you keep doing it, procrastination won’t even be an option and finishing work on time will become second nature to you.

2. Limit your social media usage

No matter how hard you try to justify it, scrolling through your feed will NOT help you focus better. A minute looking through your friends’ online albums can turn into an hour and before you know it, you’re swamped with work by the end of the day.

The better thing to do is to schedule social media browsing the same way you would dedicate specific hours for each task. For example: open your social media apps for only thirty minutes in the morning before work. If you finish on time for that day, reward yourself with another thirty minutes before you head home.

3. Take a break – a real one


Don’t beat yourself up to the point of exhaustion. If you feel like taking a break from work, leave your station and walk out the office. Based on a study from the University of Toronto, the most productive employees are the ones who took around 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Stroll down the streets or sit somewhere quiet for a while to clear your head. If you’re feeling it (and if you aren’t wearing 4-inch heels), go for a quick walk to clear your mind. When you return to your desk, you’ll find it much easier to focus.

4. Listen to music

Bear Brand Adult Plus

We all want to engage in conversations with people we work with. But you might notice that on days when you’re especially chatty with your officemates, you get little work done.

To avoid wasting the hours away talking about the latest happenings in the TV series you follow, pop on your earbuds and listen to your favorite playlist instead.

5. Clear your desk


Our office desks are often stuffed with file folders, sticky notes, and coffee packets. But a messy desk is often an indicator of something else: a messy brain.

A clear desk means a clear mind. When you clear out unnecessary things from your table, you also have fewer objects clamoring for your attention each time you look around. This helps you focus better on the work you need to do.

6. Fix your sleeping schedule

We are all plagued by that post-lunch drowsiness. After a long morning’s worth of work, we reach our peak early in the afternoon and have the great urge to nap right after. Although people think this is normal, this is probably one sign that you’re sleep-deprived.

As much as possible, you need to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep at night to feel energized the next day. Remove bad sleeping habits such as snacking and using your phone before bedtime.

7. Prioritize your health

Not a lot of us associate poor performance with health; but you should.

One way to keep yourself healthy is to watch what you eat. The energy that we need for the day mostly comes from our food, whether we like it or not. A balanced, healthy diet is necessary for good health.

Vitamins are also a great source of nutrients. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, helps our bodies fight immune system deficiencies that may get in the way of our work performance. B-Vitamins, on the other hand, play a significant role in fuelling our bodies to keep us going throughout the day.

A healthy dosage of the two vitamins every day is good for your productivity. The newly-formulated BEAR BRAND ADULT PLUS is now fortified with 100% B-Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12) to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, plus 100% Vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system.

Start making a habit out of these practices and you’re sure to kick those bleak office days away! And don’t forget to give yourself the Tibay plus Lakas nutrients that you need by having a glass of the newly-formulated BEAR BRAND ADULT PLUS to make sure you’re always ready for the work week. Learn more about it by watching this video.



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