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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you’ve been using just any cloth to wipe off fingerprint marks and oil residue from your stainless steel appliances, and you’re wondering why they’re getting smudgier than becoming free of it; the problem isn’t with the composition and quality of your kitchenware but more with your inability to handle them with the right amount of care.

While tap water, bar soap, and a regular rag would work fine in cleaning your dinner table and kitchen counter, it’s important to note that these materials won’t have the same effect on your stainless steels. In fact, tap water with high mineral content (hard water) and abrasive pieces of cloth can leave even more damage to your appliances.

Hard water can cause white spots to form on the surface of your appliances, and if you fail to notice and do something about them right away, it’ll be harder to remove them later on.

The key to maintaining clean and shiny stainless steels in the kitchen is to pay attention to them as much as you can. And the way to keep their original glow is to use cleaning materials that work best for stainless steels and not just any wet rag available within your reach.

Now if you’re finally keen on taking care of your heavy-duty appliances but haven’t discovered the right formula yet, different cleaning combinations can help keep your stainless steels lustrous without damaging them.

Using microfiber cloths:

1. Apply white vinegar and oil.

Using vinegar outside cooking can be a nasty business. If you absentmindedly pour it on a cloth, or directly on your appliance, it will cause additional cleaning work in the kitchen—not to mention the stench will also become a challenge to eliminate.

To be able to use it with ease, it’s best to contain it in a spare spray bottle to control the amount that will come out during cleaning. Once ready, spray lightly on your appliances and wipe gently according to the grain of the surface. And then apply oil the same way once the vinegar is thoroughly rubbed off.

2. Apply dishwashing soap, clear warm water, and oil.

If you can’t sit well with the odor of vinegar, you may opt to use dishwashing soap and oil instead. Dishwashing soap is equally capable of removing thick dirt from your appliances. However, you’ll need to wipe it off using warm water. Warm water won’t harm your stainless steels as long as it’s clear. But if you live in areas with water containing high mineral content, expect white spots to appear on your appliances after a while.

Remember to apply oil after.

3. Apply glass cleaner.

If there isn’t much dirt on your stainless steels apart from fingerprints, you may use any glass cleaner available in the household to remove them. You can apply it directly to the area smudged with fingerprint marks, and you can rub it in a circular motion without following the grain of the appliance’s surface.

4. Apply flour.

Flour can also work wonders for your kitchen appliances. Do not, however, apply it without cleaning your stainless steels first.

For best results, apply either white vinegar or dishwashing soap first, rinse with clear water, and then apply flour on your appliances.

This method can be a bit more demanding than the previous ones since you’ll need to look out for the kitchen floor as well, but in case your soiled appliances need more than white vinegar and dishwashing soap, you’d do best to have this useful cleaning trick up your sleeve.

5. Apply stainless steel cleaner.

But apart from the readily-available-in-the-kitchen home remedies enumerated above, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a specialty cleaner in the house. Some may cost a few bucks more than your usual kitchen supplies, depending on the brand, but specialty cleaners also do a good job fighting off dirt and scratches on your stainless steels. Cleaners available online come in the form of sprays and wipes.

Stainless steels don’t easily rust but, without proper care, it will wear out faster than it should. If you don’t want a kitchen with flat and cloudy-looking appliances, keep a lookout for fingerprint marks, water spots, and scratches; and immediately apply remedy when you see any of these.

The good thing about these stainless steels, though, is that they don’t require much. With basic cleaning materials found in your kitchen supplies, you can maintain them and keep their glow for as long as possible.


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