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OCTOBER 27, 2022

"Five flavors garden aroma" at Narisawa in Tokyo. Image: Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan
“Five flavors garden aroma” at Narisawa in Tokyo. Image: Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan via AFP Relaxnews

At the sixth edition of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, which takes place in Macau next month, a new award will spotlight the most sustainable restaurant in Asia.

The news comes amid a global movement against food waste and water shortages, and bans on plastic straws and plastic bags.

Most recently, Taiwan announced plans to ban single-use plastic drinking straws, plastic bags and disposable utensils by 2030.

Likewise, the United Kingdom is mulling a proposal that would prohibit plastic straws.

Some restaurant chains across the U.K., including JD Wetherspoon, Wagamama and Pizza Express, have already taken the initiative to phase out straws.

Meanwhile, though the global edition has been handing out awards in this category since 2013, this year will mark a first for the regional event in Asia.

Incidentally, the inaugural recipient for the award went to Yoshihiro Narisawa of Narisawa restaurant in Tokyo, where the chef espouses a style of cooking known as “satoyama” (sat means village or community, yama means forest in Japanese).

“When I opened my restaurant, 23 years ago, I visited fields, seas and forests all over Japan. I talked directly to the producers to source all ingredients,” the chef said in a 50best blog post. “Seeing the daily struggles and efforts made by producers to deliver high-quality products changed his view of gastronomy and made Narisawa’s restaurant what it is today.”

Ingredients used are local and organic, and the menu changes seasonally.

“I take inspiration from everything in nature, from scenery to wind, the temperature I feel on my skin, the scent of the air, the plants and the soil, the sound of the stream, the trees, the flavors of edible plants… I feel with my five senses,” Narisawa said.

The winner will be determined by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which rates restaurants on everything from sourcing, environment and society.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants takes place March 27 in Macau. JB


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