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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The recent discovery in Cagayan Valley of a butchered rhinoceros skeleton and stone tools probably used to carve its meat has established the presence of prehistoric humans in the Philippines as early 709,000 years,” revealed a research published in the scientific journal Nature.

“This pushes back the proven period of colonization in the Philippines by hundreds of thousands of years,” according to Thomas Ingicco of the Museum of Natural History in France.

“Our excavations at Kalinga and the numeric dating results clearly provide securely dated evidence for human colonialization of the Philippines by the early Middle Pleistocene epoch (777,000 to 631,000 years ago), and long before the appearance of modern humans in both the local context and wider Island Southeast Asia region,” his report read.

Other animal remains that were discovered include bones of a stegodon (prehistoric elephant), Philippine brown deer, freshwater turtle and monitor lizard.

Although no human skeletons or remains were recovered, the discovery, indeed, pushes back the period of human colonization in the Philippines, because the rhinoceros could only have been butchered by ancient “hominines.”

Some of the cuts were made while removing flesh, while others come from specialized tools designed to remove nourishing, and no doubt delicious, marrow. About 57 stone tools and hundreds of bones were found.

The dating technique used was not the old carbon dating technique which was not so accurate, but the “electron spin” that “measures the building of electrons, as matter is exposed to radiation through time.”

Fascinating news

The question now is the identity of the hominines who made the tools used in butchering the rhino.

What makes this news about our ancestors having lived in the Philippines more than half a million years ago fascinating and exciting is that I have always believed our country to be part of the ancient advanced civilization called Lemuria, which antedated Atlantis by hundreds of thousands of years.

Unlike Atlantis, there is absolutely no written record of Lemuria’s existence, except in legends, speculations and channeled messages purportedly from Ascended Masters or spirits. Atlantis, at least, was described in detail by the Greek philosopher Plato (in 360 BC) in his famous Dialogues, and some archaeological explorations seem to indicate the existence of such a lost civilization lying deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lemuria was a huge continent that existed about 534 million years ago, according to Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society (1875).

It was the home of the “3rd Root Race,” whatever that means. It was destroyed by volcanic fires, and most of it now lies under the Pacific Ocean. According to her, the 4th Root Race were the Atlanteans. Modern man belongs to the 5th Root Race.

The Rosicrucian Order published a book in 1931 titled “Lemuria, The Lost Continent of the Pacific” by Wishar S. Cerva and James Ward, which described the first races of man in America, the mental and psychic development of the Lemurians, their spirituality and remarkable achievements. It discussed the cycle changes in the earth and other mysterious forces of the universe.

Also in the 1930s, the American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce (who died in 1945) had spoken about the lost continent of Lemuria while in a trance. He said it sank in the Pacific Ocean around 150,000 years ago, while Atlantis sank in the Atlantic Ocean around 10,500 years ago.

Mainstream science and the academic community paid no attention to these works. They considered them to be mere fiction and a product of the imagination, with absolutely no historical nor scientific value.

The latest to mention Lemuria is Dr. James Hurtak, an internationally known expert on UFOs, extraterrestrials and ultra terrestrials, as well as ancient lost civilizations.

In a “channeled book” titled “Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch,” Dr. Hurtak was told there were 12 major centers or grids of cosmic information in the world. One of them is located in the Philippines.

This perhaps explains why the Philippines has many paranormal and psychic phenomena not found anywhere else in the world.

As I have always said, the Philippines is a virtual laboratory of strange and mystical phenomena. I have chronicled some in articles and books.

Psychic surgery

For example, only in the Philippines is the phenomenon of bare-handed psychic surgery found. In such countries as Brazil, psychic surgeons use knives to make an incision on the patient’s body. Filipino psychic surgeons use only their bare hands, sometimes even without touching the body of the patient, to make an incision.

Only in the Philippines can you find a young psychic beggar on Shaw Boulevard, who can materialize or convert a 25-centavo coin placed in his mouth into a one-peso coin, or sometimes several one-peso coins. He wasn’t proven to be fraudulent or doing sleight-of-hand. And he seemed to be mentally challenged.

He has since disappeared from the streets. Nobody knew where he came from.

Several Western psychics and “sensitives” have observed that when they are in the Philippines, their psychic abilities are enhanced and their telepathic powers become stronger.

According to one theory, Lemurians had brown skin color, with thick eyebrows and large foreheads. They were much taller than present-day Filipinos. They were also highly telepathic and with spiritual traits possessed by present-day Filipinos.

The recent outstanding archaeological discoveries in Kalinga do not prove that the Philippines was part of Lemuria, or that Lemuria existed, but they show that our ancestors occupied this land as early as more than half a million years ago, the estimated date Lemuria is believed to have existed.

We cannot, of course, say that those who butchered the rhinoceros were Filipinos, because there was no Philippines then and we do not know what human species existed here at that time. But that they were early humans seem to be undisputed by archaeologists.

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