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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Twitter/@asausagehastwo
Image: Twitter/@asausagehastwo

A kind stranger’s random act of kindness moved one mother profoundly, as well as hundreds of thousands of netizens, who heard about the simple deed.

Christie Dietz, a freelance writer from Wiesbaden, Germany, took to her Twitter account last Sept. 24 where she shared a picture of her son’s little green bike parked next to a lamppost. On the lamppost is a parking sticker with her son’s bike printed on it.

Dietz wrote that her son had been parking next to the same lamppost for the last year. Unbeknownst to them, a stranger has noticed this; the lamppost has since been marked as the kid’s own parking space.

“My son has parked his bike by this lamppost just about every day for the last year,” wrote Dietz. “This morning, this sticker had appeared. Absolutely made our day. People can be so brilliant. Thank you, whoever did it.”

It’s clear just how one small act can make one’s day and touch the lives of so many people. Dietz’s tweet has since garnered 280,000 likes and over 64,000 retweets in just three days, a feat that had many Twitter users possitively affected by the ostensibly simple gesture.

“Christie!! This is amazing!!” wrote a certain Emma (@EmmaCase) to Dietz.

Dietz agreed, replying, “Isn’t it fab?! So thoughtful and sweet and utterly joyful.”

“I did very much get something in my eye when I saw it,” she added.

“Omg they must’ve had SO much fun doing that!” wrote one Thomas (@TPRMaynard7). “So much that they didn’t want credit, it was its own reward!”


“Absolutely. They must have known how much joy it would be. Such a fabulous thing to do,” replied Dietz.

Meanwhile, another told Dietz not to leave them hanging and to update on Twitter if she ever discovers the person behind the act.

“Please let us know if you find out who did it!” said a certain Katie (@seakittenone). “They must look out for him parking up his bike each day – his arrival and little routine must bring them happiness too.”

Dietz thought the suggestion a good idea, writing, “I love that thought! I’m going to write a thank you note to stick on the lamppost later.”

Thus far, Dietz still hasn’t made an update, leaving the entire identity of the stranger to guesswork. Some may argue that the identity of the stranger need not be bared, since the act alone nevertheless fulfilled its purpose without a face. Others, on the other hand, may want to know the person behind the act just to have a chance to say a heartfelt thank you. Whatever the reason, one thing remains certain: that kindness abounds, if one only knew where to look and properly see. JB


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