Super kicks off 2012 with a lot of hot (and happy) things | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


It’s a happy coincidence that along with the Department of Tourism’s social media-heavy tourism campaign, Naia rolls back its terminal fee from P750 to 550, as its five-year initiative requiring the additional P200 finally ends in February.

The Glory of “Babyonce”

Within days of the birth of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z released a song filled with awe and love at his “greatest invention,” with background sampling of cries and coos from his baby.  Simply titled “Glory,” Jay-Z raps about his daughter, whom he calls “child of my destiny.”  Awww.

Bourne to be wild

The Internet and news channels were abuzz with the news that The Bourne Legacy, the fourth installment of the Jason Bourne movie franchise was set to film here for forty days, sparking hoaxes like massive casting calls for extras, reports of the production team expressing exasperation that local officials cleaned up areas they wanted to shoot in precisely for its dirt and grittiness, as well as random lucky fan photos with Jeremy Renner popping up on Twitter.  Actress Rachel Weisz is already in the country and actor Edward Norton is set to arrive soon, too.

Conyo problems

This fictitious Twitter account showed up on our timelines, flooding us with #conyoproblems, like the user’s disdain over people who wear boat shoes when they clearly don’t own a boat (insert drawn out “Ew” in lieu of a period), and various problems with yayas, guards and friends they call “pahreh.”  We’d laugh, but we’re frightened that we actually know real people like these.

The return of the TV shows

Most of the TV shows we couldn’t get enough of went on break after Thanksgiving (we don’t care if you have families or love turkey, work, dammit!), and we’re thrilled that they’re back, and with a vengeance.  Grey’s Anatomy’s first episode of 2012 left us emotionally drained, Modern Family’s made us want an hour-long musical episode with more singing from Cam & Mitchell and nothing’s changed, we still want Damon Salvatore to bite us.

Memorable proposals

YouTube started the year with a sappy bang, thanks to weep-inducing proposal videos.  Have a hanky nearby when you watch Coach Rio’s proposal to his fiancee involving a jeepney ride and surprise serenading guests, and melt into blocky pieces when you see Walter Thompson’s stop-motion Lego proposal.