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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pikachu doughnut
Image: Mister Donut Japan
Pikachu doughnut
Image: Mister Donut Japan/Twitter/@ramuneno_mogu

A recently debuted limited-edition Pikachu doughnut in Japan got pulled off store shelves after deformed products disappointed customers.

Donut company Mister Donut recently announced the special Pikachu doughnuts for a Nov. 16 nationwide release. The edible Pokémon was born of a collaboration between the doughnut maker and Nintendo to launch the game “Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee!” for the Switch, as reported by SoraNews24.

Prior to the scheduled release date, select shops already began selling Pikachu doughnuts as early as Nov. 9. It was then that some customers encountered deformed Pikachu doughnuts, which were anything but cute.

Twitter user “@ramuneno_mogu” was one of the unfortunate customers who received “a thing of horror” when he dropped by to pick up a Pikachu doughnut. Forget slightly off facial markings, the eyes of the Pokémon mascot weren’t even in the right place.

Pikachu doughnut
Image: Twitter/@ramuneno_mogu

The doughnut that Twitter user “@saku_ovo_chine” got wasn’t as nightmare-inducing, but it didn’t really look like Pikachu either. If anything, it could have been mistaken for a yellow dog-like mascot.

Pikachu doughnut
Image: Twitter/@saku_0v0_chine

However, not all the doughnuts were of poor quality as noted by a Nov. 12 tweet by Twitter user poco (@poco0v0).

Pikachu doughnut
Image: Twitter/@poco0v0

Nonetheless, Mister Donut’s parent company Duskin suspended the sales until Nov. 16 when the doughnuts launch nationwide. They also promised stricter quality control for the handmade limited-edition doughnuts.

Alternatively, fans can also visit the permanent Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo for more Pokémon-themed food items.  Alfred Bayle /ra



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