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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If there’s one thing that may make or break a cute sleeveless top, it would have to be dark underarms. It has long been a talked about concern in beauty magazines, vlogs, and even just about any skin-care convention how one can keep underarms bright and beautiful.

Surely we’ve all tried different creams, oils, and whatnot but—but the trouble is that sometimes these products we use backfire on us, too.

And to help you achieve light and beautiful underarms, we’ve listed tips on how to prevent discolouration or darkening of the underarms:

1. Exfoliation

Probably one of the cheapest options to try is exfoliation. The darkening in your underarms might have been caused by the accumulation of dirt—one which can be easily fixed after a few scrubs. You can easily get rid of dead skin by using body scrub during your daily shower. A mild exfoliator is recommended, or one that is made of organic ingredients, to make sure that the scrubbing action will not cause unnecessary discoloration or friction on your skin.

2. Avoid shaving and waxing

Shaving is highly discouraged as the friction causes the darkening of the pits. What happens is that due to the repetitive friction, the skin responds by either becoming thicker or hyperpigmented. Similarly in waxing, the same results may arise from doing so.

3. Hair removal

Although one of the more costly options, going through hair removal treatments is the most common piece of advice given to help people avoid shaving and plucking which cause darkening. On the upside, more dermatologist clinics have been offering laser hair removal services in way cheaper prices in the recent years.

4. Switch to a natural whitening deo

Use a deodorant that makes use of natural ingredients to whiten underarms. New Rexona Natural Whitening is infused with Licorice Extract and Vitamin E to whiten underarms, naturally! Now you can have naturally beautiful underarms without worrying about sweat and odor.

Grab yours now at Lazada.


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