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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Joy Wassmer, Mario Katigbak, Lizzie Razon, Helen Ong, Thomas Arasi
Joy Wassmer, Mario Katigbak, Lizzie Razon, Helen Ong, Thomas Arasi

Your mantra for the week:  “Thank you, God, for Divine Restoration in mind, body and financial affairs now.”


It’s been five years since we introduced the concept of mantras in this column, and I am grateful to readers who have benefited from reciting them.


I have a long list of people who have made this practice a ritual in their lives. It is most gratifying because it has created a lot of happier people.


Be reminded that even if you don’t believe the mantras in the beginning, keep saying them anyway 40 times at an interval, because it is only your negative thinking that is blocking the truth of the mantra.


A mantra changes existing negative self-talk to something more positive and uplifting and rewires your brain.


Your negative patterns of thought were not made overnight, which explains why there are 40 beads in our IAMISM mantra beads.


Consider the effects of what the standard rosary made us believe, that we are sinners—so it has been difficult to accept that we are winners and were born with Original Goodness.


Mantras are like overpasses being built over negative thinking, so we can use our mind power for more constructive means.


Finally, mantras are Truth Thoughts that have remained hidden to us through our perennial negative thinking.


Let this Christmas be a season of building overpasses toward happier lives.

Nagi Zeitouni, Joel Rustia, Noel Oñate, Rene Puno; (foreground) Angel Agustin-Co, Joy Rustia, Frannie Jacinto, Michelle Zeitouni

‘Let’s Play’


A fabulous theme event held at Solaire Resort and Casino chose 100 top patrons of Hermès to participate in “Let’s Play,” with a gathering featured in Lifestyle on Nov. 30.


So, to cut all repetition, let me just say that Mario Katigbak is truly the events personality of the country. One always expects a totally different affair when he handles it. Well, he outdid himself this time.


A few Hermès patrons shyly declined to come, for fear of being accused of conspicuous consumption, which brings to mind what Melanie Marquez once said, “Don’t judge my brother, he’s not a book.”


A new Benjarong


Madison Mall’s Joel Rustia celebrated his birthday quietly but frolicking with select friends at the new Benjarong in the lobby of Dusit Thani in Makati. This new place has given the restaurant its needed uplift, so the excellent cuisine can be enjoyed more thoroughly.


Add to that, the charming Thai lady Lamai Buapitak makes sure that you get the best service, so you leave the premises extraordinarily satisfied.


It was Joel’s Joy who chose the excellent menu. It was a pleasure to meet new friends like Lebanese couple Michelle and Nagi Zeitouni who are not only sports enthusiasts (Michelle plays tennis with my Lifestyle editor Thelma San Juan), but also into the food supply business.


We talked extensively about visiting the Cedars of Lebanon. Also, Noel Oñate introduced us to Angel Agustin Co, president of Philippine Models Association of the Philippines, who is truly a stunner in looks and in decorum. She has modeled for Mario Katigbak’s Bulgari.


As the food conversation progressed, Rene Puno was able to relate Ann’s own experience in her culinary adventures, which has been keeping her so busy with no time to socialize this season.


Meanwhile, Pilita Corrales is scheduled to sing at the Madison Mall to celebrate the holidays.


Duday’s diamonds


Duday Tuason chose the Sage of Makati Shangri-La to celebrate her birthday last Tuesday which, of course, turned out to be an evening of fashion, action for dancing and a passion for showing off one’s best.


Duday, a jewelry aficionado, wore a 3-inch diamond choker necklace with her yellow cocktail dress, surely a Rajo Laurel, with matching green pumps.


This surpassed her diamond ring glove, which she said was a mistake because she had it done for her right hand when it should have been made for her left.


At the entrance to Sage, over a hundred guests were welcomed with a big capital letter D, which everyone assumed meant “Duday,” but to those privy to her innermost desires, D stood for diamonds which to her are more than forever. Her favorite jewelers, Jane Sy and Yen Guevara, were present to lend her support.


Duday started her collection while still a student because she really fancied them. And even if no one ever saw it, she would wear them at home for her own delight and when she married devoted Noel, he became most supportive of her aficíon.


Now is the time to share her good taste with the world.


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