We tried 25 grocery ice cream treats to tell you which ones are good

OCTOBER 27, 2022

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This scorching summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. To help you cool off, we raided supermarkets and convenience stores and tried every popsicle, drumstick and ice cream bar we could find so we can tell you which ones are good. This is just Part One.

Beat the heat with these frozen treats.

Selecta Mango Slice


They call it ice stick, we call it popsicle. Selecta Mango Slice promises to be made with real Philippine mangoes with no artificial sweeteners. Does it taste like you’re sucking on a real frozen slice of mango? Not exactly, but it’s still good.


Selecta Quezo Real Ice Cream Stick


This one melted super fast. (See photo.) It is creamy (creamier, according to the package) and, of course, cheesy. We love the bits of cheese but we’re not a fan of the popsicle stick taste that clung to the ice cream.


Selecta Sweet Corn Wafer


This one was promising. Rip open the package and you’ll find an ice cream stick covered with wafer that looks like the most perfect cob of corn you’ve ever seen. But when we bit into it, we discovered that the inside of the wafer had gone soggy. When we persisted in trying to bite off a piece, the entire wafer corn slipped off the stick, revealing the melted sweet corn ice cream inside. It was still tasty, though.


Nestle Twin Pops

P16 each

This is the Nestle version of Twin Popsies, a relic from our childhood (and our parents’ childhood). It comes in two flavors—orange and chocolate—and both taste deliciously like nostalgia. We give it bonus points for not melting as easily as many of the treats on this list. The question is, will you share half of it or will you eat the whole thing like we usually do?


Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich


Being huge Oreo fans, we were pretty excited to try this but somehow, it just doesn’t perfectly translate our beloved Oreo experience into ice cream sandwich form. The cookie looks perfect but maybe the ice cream needs to taste more like Oreo filling. For now, we’ll stick to ripping open a package of Oreos and dunking it in really, really cold milk.


Oreo Cone


This one’s more like it. “Ooh,” we said as we unwrapped this ice cream treat, revealing the chocolate cone. It has cream-flavored ice cream with crushed Oreo biscuits on top. Love the chocolate lining the cone, too. It also has a lovely chocolate tip.


Nestle Crunch
Ice Cream Stick


Halleloo, this one was good. Chocolate ice cream hiding inside a thick coat of Nestle Crunch chocolate? Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. It has to be said that the best part of this experience wasn’t the ice cream—it was the delicious chocolate coating and the crunchy rice crispies. It reminded us of those little tubs of Nestle Crunch ice cream topping that you’re supposed to melt by dipping in hot water before pouring over your bowl of ice cream to harden into a Nestle Crunch shell. Two thumbs-up, will eat again.


Toblerone Ice Cream Stick


This is as good as it looks. This delicious ice cream stick (which is triangular, of course) is made up of chocolate and honey ice cream covered in Toblerone chocolate with delightful bits of nougat. We have no complaints. If you love Toblerone, you’ll love this.


Magnum Classic, Almond and White Almond

P55 each

Smooth ice cream covered by a rich Belgian chocolate coating? What’s not to love? Magnum is such an indulgent and yet affordable treat. We’re big fans of all the variants, with or without nuts.


Nobrelli Vanilla
Ice Cream Sandwich


It’s not pretty when it’s all melted (what ice cream is?) and it’s hella messy to eat but it’s still delicious. We liked the taste of the graham sandwich biscuit.


Cornetto Vanilla, Ube Keso, Rocky Road, Cookies & Dream

P20 each

There’s so much to love about Cornetto: the different flavors, the crisp cone, and the perfect final bite—that chocolatey tip (oh god, that chocolatey tip). The only challenge is unwrapping it before it starts melting so you can enjoy the toppings, too.


Selecta Pineapple Slice

This pineapple-flavored ice stick is sweet and refreshing. And for that crazy low price, a total steal.

Selecta Pinipig Vanilla


We enjoyed this take on another ice cream classic: vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate and crunchy rice crispies. The rice crispies were indeed crunchy and the chocolate provided the perfect contrast to the vanilla ice cream. A good treat.


Nestle Drumstick Double Chocolate Vanilla (P20),
Ube Cheesecake (P20),
Midnight Almond Fudge (P35)

Drumstick is Nestle’s answer to Cornetto. We enjoyed these, too—love the cone and, of course, the ubiquitous chocolate tip. For us drumstick lovers, the more brands available in the market, the better.


Nestle Cup Mango and Double Dutch


These single-serve ice cream cups are convenient for when you have that hankering for ice cream but no one to share with. There are plenty of flavors available. We just wish there were more ice cream in each cup.


Magnolia Ice Cream
Spinner Vanilla

Yup, another drumstick joins the drumstick party. This one was good, too. (But again, unwrap it before it melts so you don’t miss out on the peanut and chocolate goodness on top.) Love the chocolate tip, too.


Arce Dairy Drummies Vanilla

One last drumstick (at least for this round). Sadly, the top half of the cone was soggy. We still enjoyed it though.




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