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Why ‘Manila’—why not, chocnut?

What a masterstroke

The use of the hit song “Manila,” originally recorded in 1976 by the band Hotdog, as soundtrack to the parade of the Philippine contingent at the Southeast Asian Games opening ceremonies on Nov. 30 was an unintentional masterstroke.

The backstory was that an elder brother of the song’s composers had offered “Manila” to be used anywhere during the opening program, but with the suggestion that it be included in the “Pinoy medley” segment.

Problem was, the music producer of the opening rites thought, “Hindi bagay (not a good match)” because that segment would be highlighted by a Pinoy rap medley (including “Man From Manila”).

The producer decided instead to use “Manila” to accompany the parade of the Pinoy athletes.

In hindsight, the song’s bouncy beat triggered the festive mood that engulfed the Philippine Arena—the crowd’s lusty cheers and lively dancing energizing the athletes’ every step.

Never mind if somebody in the VIP section swayed out of sync, looking almost like a zombie.—POCHOLO CONCEPCION