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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The quarantine can be a timeto indulge in small luxuries that help the skin, face and body recover.
The quarantine can be a timeto indulge in small luxuries that help the skin, face and body recover.


I’m thankful that many Filipinos are safe at home and that the quarantine has been a time to relax, enjoy some true self-care, and indulge in small luxuries that help the skin, face and body recover.

Our breasts are probably happy we haven’t been wearing bras. To the majority of women, bras can do more harm than good.

Bras can stifle circulation, so without them, we get the benefit of better blood flow. Bras aren’t necessary unless your breasts need support.

Every now and then, I believe it’s healthy to sleep sans underwear and to spend days in loose shorts. It allows the intimate areas to breathe. Once we do this, we help the area regulate itself in terms of pH balance. Remember, the skin needs to be free so it can correct itself.

I have also noticed how people find how their skin is looking good, without the daily beating of makeup and excessive skin care. Going makeup-free helps us to get that ultimate no-makeup makeup look. I always say the best one can do is to put on sunscreen and get some sunlight to get your vitamin D, which helps skin heal from pollution and sun damage.

No deo

Deodorant is also something a lot of people don’t miss applying. They’ve noted how not using it helps thin, sensitive underarm skin regain its natural color and smoothness. Perhaps after the quarantine, when one must apply deodorant again, one should go for an organic formula so as to maintain the restored condition of the underarms.

The quarantine has also enabled many women to hold off shaving their legs. Being tough on leg hairs by using razors and wax can be quite abrasive to the skin. Since the quarantine started, letting those hairs grow has given the skin a break. As a result, the skin doesn’t have weird bumps, and the usual dark spots are lightening. Perhaps later one should look for a hair eliminator alternative that will be gentle on the legs.

I know some of you are itching to get your roots done! I am, too, but I’ve been warned that it’s better to let them grow out rather than damaging them with hair color from a box. Quarantine has given our scalp time to recover. We’re letting it enjoy its natural oils. This will aid our hairstylist when we can finally go back to the salon. Healthy hair is best to work with anyway, so we can ignore the roots for a bit. Otherwise, we’re just going to damage it.

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