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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Missing my derma for the past few months as I follow a self-imposed strict isolation life, I started to look around for advanced at-home treatments.  

One of them is the at-home microcurrent facial. It’s been a little over the month since I integrated the FOREO BEAR  into my regimen. Coupled with that is how I investigated further into at-home microcurrent facials, using questions I’ve had since I first read about it. 

Authentic learning is not just about knowing about something but also having a first-hand experience. So here it goes. 

#1 What is a microcurrent facial? 

It’s nothing new as it’s one of the most popular types of facials offered at derma clinics. Elle says that it’s been around since the ’80s. Microcurrent refers to the low-grade electrical current used to give your facial muscles a massage. 

#2 What are the benefits? 

Your facial muscles respond to a microcurrent in the same way your body does to a workout. Your muscles become firmer, tighter, and more contoured. Your skin also becomes more radiant as microcurrent facials are linked to collagen production and elastin improvement. 

#3 What gadgets can I use for an at-home microcurrent facial? 

FOREO BEAR lets you do a microcurrent facial on your own. It uses toning microcurrent technology along with FOREO’s signature T-Sonic pulsations for the ultimate facial workout. It also features an Anti-Shock System that makes this device safe. 

BEAR has Ultra-Smart Sensors that detect how much microcurrent your skin can handle and adjusts it accordingly at a rate of 0.002 seconds. Every BEAR unit comes with a charger, a small sachet of FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum, and a cloth drawstring pouch so you can take it with you whenever. 

#4 What’s the experience like? 

The device is simple to use. You turn it on and hook it up to the FOREO app so you will get tutorials on how you can do the at-home microcurrent facial. The app is often updated to offer new guides on how to optimize your device. 

The FOREO app lets you adjust the strength of the microcurrent and if you want the T-Sonic pulsations on or off. 

When I first tried it, I started with the microcurrent set to 5 and with the T-Sonic pulsations on. I followed the 3-minute routine that the app had pre-programmed. 

It’s essential to use a serum so that the device glides over your face, and the microcurrent penetrates your skin. I used the FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum, but I would alternate it with my favorite facial oils like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or the Laura Mercier Nourishing Rose Oil as I got more used to the BEAR. 

You shouldn’t press the device aggressively to your face. Use a light hand, enough that the BEAR makes contact with your skin. 

Cleaning the device is simple, just turn it off and hold it under running water for a few seconds. I wash it before and after I use it with the same cleanser that I use it for my skin. 

I also want to note how one charge lasts long. I’ve charged it only twice in the time I’ve used it at least every other day for the past month. 

#5 Isn’t it a little scary? 

Not at all! When I use this, I only feel a slight tingle. The sound it makes is just a low buzz that you’ve probably heard at your derma or facial clinic at one point or so. 

The only time I got a little surprised was when the device buzzed over a piece of stray hair on my face. But nothing happened. If anything, it showed me how the microcurrent was gentle and safe. 

#6 How often did you use, and which step was it in your skincare routine? 

The first few nights, I used it after I was done with my derma-approved skincare routine. I have oily skin and I deal with cystic acne now and again, so I had to be strict about my doctor’s prescriptions.

Nevertheless, I noticed how radiant my skin looked right after each session and how it seemed to get better as I used it every day. I then also used it in the morning as well.  

Sometimes, I use it only once a day, depending on my mood. In the morning, it feels like an instant confidence booster before I put on my makeup. At night, it’s a way to take time out and make your skincare routine luxurious. You can also do the facial without firing up the app once you’ve synced it, as the BEAR remembers your last desired settings. 

#7 What results did you notice? 

The BEAR will immediately make you look glowing after one use. I couldn’t believe it first, but there was no denying it, especially after sending a photo or two to my friend, so she could help me verify what I saw in the mirror. 

You will also notice how it sharpens your face’s contours, giving you that subtle and flattering facelift effect. This also helps de-puff your face and make your skin feel smoother. It also seemed to minimize the spots I had along with my enlarged pores. 

#8 Would you recommend it? 

If you’re willing to put in at the minimum an extra three minutes or so in your skincare routine, a microcurrent facial at-home will take it to the next level. 

I can say that the results are immediate, and they help my skin make the most out of the other products I use. 

You’ll love your skin sans makeup as each day goes by. If you use it every day, you’ll see how your skin will look better and better. Indeed, it’s just like a fitness schedule: Results are compounded if you do it with discipline. 


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