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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Jennica Garcia with grandmother ig
Jennica Garcia with her lola. Image: Instagram/@jennicauytingco

Actress Jennica Garcia penned a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother who succumbed to her battle with the dreaded COVID-19 recently.

Garcia is still “in disbelief” over her grandma’s death, as per her Instagram post yesterday, March 31, where she shared a photo of her with her grandmother.

“Lola this month of March is. so difficult for me. I know you tried your best to beat COVID and I want to say that I am happy still because you are now next to Christ but Lola it is so hard,” she said.

Garcia cannot believe that her grandmother succumbed to COVID-19 because she is still strong at 70 years old. She recounted their bonding moments when her grandmother would tell her stories about “fairies and duwendes,” and how she brought the old lady precious stones which “opened the doors again” for more stories.

“You tell the BEST stories Lola. You had a one of a kind childhood and you are the person that I know to be most in touch of your intuition,” she added.

Garcia asked her grandmother to watch over her and her children.


“We will see you in heaven one day Lola. There is eternity in Christ. When that day comes, my girls and I will once again sit on the floor while you sit on a chair,” she said. “We will look up to you as you share magical stories that will transport us into an entirely different world.”

Garcia is the daughter of veteran actress Jean Garcia. She is married to actor Alwyn Uytingco and they have two daughters. JB


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