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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Mother's Day

Have you ever wondered what type of mom you are? Have you ever looked at other moms and found yourself saying, “I wish I was like them?” How do you think your kids look at you as a mom?

Questions like these often come and go, but they tend to linger this time of the year, when Mother’s Day is approaching; that one time of the year where the spotlight is on you and all the other moms in the world. 

So, we’re going to help you find the type of mom that you are.

Five Mom Types

Here are the five mom types that we’ve identified so far.

  1. The Rise and Shine-Perfect Mom – They say nobody’s perfect, but the almost-perfect mom is 95% there. She’s the kind of mom who does practically everything right. She always seems to have the energy and answer to problems. She seldom or almost never complains when faced with multiple tasks (i.e., taking care of you and your siblings, balancing the budget, keeping the house clean, and taking care of your dad). When things are too much for her, she finds her own way of dealing with it – such as lock herself in the bathroom or maybe spend the whole day at the mall or the salon. She doesn’t really tell you when she’s up to her neck with things, because she believes these are her responsibilities, not yours.
  1. The Stress Away Wonder Mom – The businesswoman/homemaker who knows the secret to balancing home and business. She looks calm and composed even in the most stressful situations that you’ll wonder where she gets her powers from.
  1. The Citronella Protector Super WoMom – The single mom who does everything – from being your Mom/Dad to keeping the house in tip-top shape, balancing finances, and taking care of your individual needs. She always puts herself last and often sacrifices her own needs and happiness just to make sure that you and your siblings have everything you need. She’s the protector-superhero in the truest sense of the word!
  2. Minty Breeze Feel-Good Mom – The carefree, relaxed, fitness buff, essential oils, and yoga-loving mom who always sees the good side of everything. She makes everyone around her smile even in the darkest days. Even when beset with problems, she manages to insert some positive vibes. She’s someone you’d like to be trapped in the house with from sun up to sundown!  
  3. Sweet “Kikay” Mom – The fashionable homemaker or housewife who wants to keep her home, her kids, and herself beautiful. She knows all the Good Housekeeping hacks and is probably a member of the Home Buddies group, and at the same time, she knows the latest in fashion – mom and kids’ fashion, that is! She shares with you her new ageless beauty secret and wellness routines.

She also makes sure you have a good night sleep w her Pili Ani essential oils and sweetest lullabies. 

What type of mom are you?

So if you are an essential oil blend what type of EO are you? Do you fit in any of these categories, or are you a combination of all five? 

Mother’s Day Self-Love

Charo Santos-Concio

No matter what type of mom you are, you are a superhero. You have powers that no one else holds. To your husband and kids, you are a superstar. You are indispensable. For these and many reasons more, you deserve to reward yourself every day, and most especially on Mother’s Day.

Along with our Mother’s Day gift set. Pili Ani I Love Beauty Box Kit and Mom Box are perfect for moms – for any mom. 

The Essential Oils is best for types of moms. 

They’re the ideal wellness gifts you can give yourself. It’s the reward that you so rightfully deserve.

Whether you are a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 – or a mix of two or three, Pili Ani has something special for you. 

  • From the minty breeze feel good mom to the rise and shine perfect mom we got you covered we will have 5 winners to represent each kind of mom. And shall receive a gift pack from Pili Ani.
  • Also, five beautiful mommies will get a makeover!

Reward yourself with any of these relaxing, pampering, and rewarding Mother’s Day Pili Ani packages.  Join the Pili Ani Ageless Facebook and Instagram contest.

Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Post the best photo of you & your kids that show the kind of mom you are. Post on Facebook or Instagram. Set your post to Public.
  • Don’t forget to caption your photo. What type of mom are you? Which Pili Ani products do you use?
  • Include the hashtags #pilianimom and #pilianiageless on your post.

Let this Mother’s Day be something different for you. Instead of waiting for someone to give you a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, or a lunch or dinner treat, reward yourself with a Pili Ani Mom Box. And no, you don’t have to be perfect to enjoy your reward. You only have to be the mother that you are to your kids – the best that they’ll ever have!’

Mother's Day

Pili Ani





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