This proudly Filipino brand’s plant-based and sustainable products keep your home and health protected

This proudly Filipino brand’s plant-based and sustainable products keep your home and health protected

With sustainable living and the natural health trend rapidly emerging as mainstream movements, many of us are becoming more conscious about the products we purchase and use. When it comes to cleaning our homes though, there’s still a notion that natural isn’t enough to get rid of all the bacteria, viruses, and germs that invade our spaces.

Well, there’s one proudly Filipino brand that is challenging that – Wonderhome Naturals. With strong, safe, and sustainable products, this innovative brand is showing everyone that greener cleaning solutions are not only highly effective but also better for our health. 

Infused with natto which is made from fermented plant extracts, the Wonderhome Naturals Natto series creates a naturally hydrating experience, while coating the hands with a natural probiotic layer of protection against germs.

Wonderhome Naturals offers an extensive range of home care, personal care, and lifestyle products made from plant-based probiotics, a safe, biodegradable formulation that is as powerful as any of us could wish for. Certified by Intertek to kill 99.9% of household germs, the formulation is lab-tested to eliminate viruses and prevent recontamination for up to 72 hours, proving that green can in fact clean.

Wonderhome Naturals

Green also describes the brand’s earth-friendly packaging and shipping practices. Wonderhome Naturals come in bottles made from a combination of upcycled ocean plastic and biodegradable wheat. The low carbon footprint modular packaging means that they fit snugly in shipping boxes to eliminate the use of plastic fillers.

Wonderhome Naturals has the most complete, fully sustainable home care line made in the Philippines, which includes laundry, kitchen, surface and bathroom cleaners. Its personal care range has hand wash, hand sanitizer, and linen spray, while the lifestyle line has organic cleaners for the yoga mat, gadget and desk, and pre-poo spray. Not to mention, all Wonderhome products come in sophisticated scents made from fruit and plants that actually make the person cleaning the house a little happier.

Wonderhome Naturals

Currently available online at, and soon on LazMall, Zalora and ShopeeMall, the brand’s customers can send the product bottles back for recycling or refilling, and get store credits they can use for the next purchases.  

Learn more about Wonderhome Naturals’ sustainable and effective cleaning products at and @wonderhomeph on Instagram and Facebook.





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