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Closeup Mouthwash

You might be leaving gaps in your virus defense

The fight against COVID-19 has spurred all sorts of innovation to aid with cleanliness. These range from basic implements like washable masks and no-touch tools for doors and buttons, to battery powered UV lamps and personal air purifiers. Functions vary, but they all revolve around the three Ds of virus defense—distance, deflect, and most importantly, disinfect.

Over a year since COVID-19 struck, these tools and more have found their way into personal protection kits for dealing with exposure in the pandemic. But while hand sanitizers and household cleaners have their merits, they might still leave gaps in your virus defense—and one is literally right under your nose.

“COVID-19 spreads primarily through the transfer of droplets between the hands and the mouth. Therefore, proper oral care could help reduce transmission, especially now that COVID-19 is airborne,” says Maluh Orezca, National President of Philippine Public Health Association.

Closeup Mouthwash

Closing the Gap

As more research is done to understand COVID-19, test results from a recent study provide a promising option to #CloseTheGap.

US-based testing facility Microbac Laboratories has found that CPC Technology—already widely used as a disinfectant in the dental industry—is effective not just in preventing many oral problems, but in fighting germs that cause sickness. When incorporated into mouthwash, it provides a practical way to disinfect the mouth, akin to the common use of sanitizers for disinfecting hands.

“Mouthwash is very necessary, especially now that oral hygiene is so important. Whenever we talk with people wearing face masks, we tend to overlook oral hygiene because we believe our mouths are covered” posits Orezca.

Straight from the Dentist’s Clinic

Following this discovery, leading oral care brand Closeup harnessed the power of CPC Technology—previously available only at the dentist’s clinic—and made it available for use at home.

The new Closeup Active Defense Mouthwash fights bacteria in the mouth, effectively killing harmful germs in 30 seconds while protecting teeth and gums. It contains no alcohol, giving you fresh breath with no harshness or burning sensations.

“Unlike other precautions adopted during the pandemic, the use of mouthwash is already second nature for many people. This makes it an easy habit to add to one’s safety regimen—make sure to use CPC Technology by rinsing with Closeup Active Defense Mouthwash” adds Glyn Roberts PhD, Head of Unilever Oral Care Research and Development. “Let’s #CloseTheGap and consider oral hygiene, because every bit of protection helps.”

For more information on Closeup and other public health efforts from Unilever, check out Closeup Philippines and Unilever Research.


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