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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Equine therapy at Miraval Resort with Sea Princess and Vina Francisco

“If you travel far enough, you’ll eventually meet yourself.”—Joseph Campbell, “Myths to Live By”

The year 2021 seemingly began as a more productive one compared to 2020, a year that upended many expectations and routines. At the rate this new variant is spreading, life as we knew it has come to a halt once again. How can we remain engaged and motivated?

Patience and persistence empower us to stay focused on the issues at hand. Keeping track of even the smallest accomplishments by journaling helps. So does staying mindful while making it a time of discovery. Cultivating a fun and inquisitive approach will make the process more enjoyable and give you more success.

On my journey to self, I found myself traveling to the all-inclusive Miraval Resort, a luxury wellness oasis where guests go to reboot their mind, body and spirits. Located at the base of the Catalina Mountains in Tuscon, Arizona, Miraval is a global leader in destination wellness resorts and spas, dedicated to inspiring life in balance through mindfulness.

Miraval offers many wellness and fitness options including yoga, outdoor activities, and eye-opening wellness workshops facilitated by among the best in the field of mental, emotional and physical wellness. The peaceful resort features swimming pools and hot tubs, a cutting-edge spa, and a state-of-the-art gym. Programs can also be customized based on personal goals and intentions. Healthy eating is also a cornerstone of Miraval, and all meals, snacks and smoothies are included in your stay.

Soul sister Vina Francisco arranged and helped curate my four-day program based on my intentions. We prepared for Miraval Mode (the state of consciously unplugging from devices and becoming more digitally mindful). The initial challenge was to really detach from our cell phones as no digital devices were allowed in most public areas. This practice made us focus on living in the present.

Equine therapy

Among the several enlightening programs I had was a two-hour equine therapy with Acacia, one of the 14 horses at Miraval. I was guided by equine therapist Tyler Thompson. Equine therapy is a powerful way to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings, learn to set boundaries, and learn how to communicate and manage these effectively. Horses have a unique ability to sense emotions and react accordingly. Witnessing the horse’s response promotes self-awareness and can help people see themselves in a more realistic way.

I also challenged myself physically and mentally by swinging on ropes to traverse a cable suspended 35 feet above ground. The outdoor course tagged Desert Tightrope was very physically challenging, but the experience also opened me up to personal realizations that, just like the equine experience, are important for my journey to self.

Lyndi Rivers, integrative health specialist, in session

Meditation is also an important component of my journey. At Miraval, I had a very special meditation curated by Lyndi Rivers, integrative health specialist, where I meditated on my past, present and future while walking though a labyrinth.

One of my most comprehensive sessions that certainly came with significant “aha” realizations was a holographic memory resolution session with Brent Baum, Miraval’s longest serving wellness specialist. Using personal memories from childhood, early adult and present adult life to understand emotional and behavioral patterns can certainly bring about life-altering changes.

Equine therapy at Miraval Resort with Sea Princess and Vina Francisco

Holistic health resort

In the local scene, The Farm at San Benito is a magnificent eco-luxury holistic health resort offering comprehensive, science-based, evidence-based medically supervised health optimization programs and life-changing retreats based on five healing components: holistic integrative medical services, nurturing spa treatments and hydrotherapy water wellness, plant-based vegan cuisine, mindful movement and functional fitness, as well as a healing environment and heartfelt service.

Aegle Wellness Center Serenity Series in Balesin Island Club

Their expert staff of licensed medical professionals, nutritionists, living food experts, spa therapists, fitness coaches and yoga teachers will devise an all-inclusive personalized program from their enormous range of therapies and facilities to help you combat the stresses and disorders of modern life.

The Farm’s world-class facilities and services have made it a recipient of 60 prestigious international accolades, including “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World.”

Another local wellness destination is the Aegle Wellness Center in Balesin Island Club. Its facility is the only one in the Philippines and one of very few in Asia to offer thalassotherapy, benefiting from its location surrounded by the clean, vital waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This Aug. 27 to Aug. 29, Aegle Wellness will again be hosting the Serenity Series in beautiful Balesin. This program is offered to nonmembers of the island.

This month will feature Classical Pilates Mat with Linzi Arellano-Co. Linzi has been a Romana’s Pilates certified instructor for 20 years now. She got certified in New York in 2001 under Joseph Pilates’ student, Romana Kryzanowska. She owns Pure Pilates in Quezon City, and teaches workshops both here and abroad.

Urban healer Rosan Cruz at Balesin Island

This is her third time in Balesin, and the mat class is an open level class, meaning it is open to beginners as well as advanced movers as she is able to give modifications based on different levels.

There will be four Pilates classes that weekend. Each class will have a different focus to keep it challenging and exciting. Pilates is a form of workout that works both strength and stretch with control, all while engaging your powerhouse aka your core.

I understand and acknowledge how much your daily life has been upended by this pandemic. The routines that you’ve relied on for comfort and order have had to dramatically change. As we go through these difficult times again, allow yourself to change whatever doesn’t work for you, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Adapt to change and find your authentic life. INQ

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Tyler Thompson, equine therapist and life coach
Pilates instructor Linzi Arellano-Co, Sea Princess, Vina Francisco and artist Pinky Urmaza
Pilates instructor Linzi Arellano-Co
Meditative labyrinth at Miraval Resort
Dan, Lui, Chris, Linzi and Lucia Co
Desert tightrope session
Miraval Arizona general manager Mark Stebbings
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