Vicks First Defence: Backed by science versus the common cold
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Vicks First Defence

Vicks First Defence: Backed by science versus the common cold

You’re going along your way, living life one day at a time and doing your best to meet everyday challenges, when suddenly you feel it: that tickle in your nose and throat, followed by a volley of sneezes. You may be coming down with a cold, which, while common enough, is most certainly unwanted.

If you feel a common cold coming on, what you may need is early intervention—a solution that is proven to help stop a cold in its tracks when used at the very first signs.

With over a century of caring for your wellbeing, Vicks understands your present-day health concerns, as well as your desire for peace of mind. In today’s context, the brand’s mission to deliver a “touch of care” is more vital than ever. Vicks introduces its newest product, VICKS First Defence nasal spray, does exactly that. When used at the first signs of a common cold, VICKS First Defence helps stop a cold before it gets the best of you.

Vicks First Defence


How it works

Vicks First Defence nasal spray is no less than a clinically proven innovation in the health frontier that can help reduce the symptom severity of a cold by day 3. What does that mean for you? It means lower in score severity of discomfort (sneezing, scratchy nose, tickly nose, and the like) associated with the common cold by day 3. Moreover, it can help shorten the duration of a cold by two days on average.

This latest product from Vicks works by helping to trap, inactivate, and remove the cold virus from your nasal passages, to help stop a cold before it takes hold.



Vicks First Defence

Vicks First Defence



Why it works

With its microgel formula, VICKS First Defence helps trap cold viruses that begin to form at the back of the nose. All it takes is 2-3 sprays per nostril, up to four times a day, for the innovative formulation to start working, when used as soon as you notice a common cold coming on. Once you spray VICKS First Defence into your nostrils, it helps inactivate the cold virus cells with its 3.5 pH microgel. Then, when the cold virus cells have been trapped and inactivated in your nasal passages, the microgel contributes to a “nasal washout” effect, to flush out cold viruses from the nose or down into the stomach.


Vicks First Defence

Vicks First Defence




Indeed, the importance of staying healthy is at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. To help avoid getting sick, some may boost up on vitamins and supplements and do what they can to stay well. But, if the cold virus manages to sneak past this line of protection, don’t panic—and don’t allow the common cold to take over your health. Instead, #VDefended!  Let VICKS First Defence help win the fight for you by providing early intervention versus the common cold.

This innovative product from VICKS will help defend you against the common cold in the new normal — and beyond!

To know more about Vicks First Defence, visit Vicks’ official Facebook page and Vicks’ official website.

Get your Vicks First Defence in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide!

You may also buy Vicks First Defence online at Watsons.

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Vicks First Defence



Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. 

Vicks First Defence is not a cure or treatment against COVID-19 and its symptoms.

 If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

 ASC Reference Code: P158P082521VS



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