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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Uri Geller is an internationally known psychic from Israel, who first gained recognition for his ability to bend metallic spoons, coins and keys by sheer mental power, known as telekinesis or psychokinesis. Although there were skeptics who tried to show that Geller’s spoon bending was done through trickery and sleight of hand, he was never proven to be merely faking the process.

A well-known publicity-seeking Canadian-American magician tried for several years to show that Geller was using trickery, but this was never proven. Several scientific studies have been conducted on Geller’s unusual ability and proved that it is possible to bend metallic spoons, etc., with one’s mind. Scientists now recognize that our thoughts and intentions can affect matter. Quantum physics has shown this beyond reasonable doubt.

I know that Geller’s powers are real because I myself and many of my ESP students have succeeded in bending spoons through telekinesis. It is not at all an impossible phenomenon.

Geller is undoubtedly the most famous and richest psychic in the world. He has his own jet plane and lives in mansions in Germany and England. Only this year, he opened his museum in Tel Aviv.

Other abilities

Lesser-known are Geller’s other psychic abilities. For example, in Dusseldorf, Germany, where I met him in 1994, he demonstrated something which I think is more incredible than bending spoons. He was able to germinate radish seeds on his palm by just asking them to grow. He also demonstrated to me, privately, his ability to duplicate any drawing a person has drawn, with great accuracy. He has done this with thousands of other individuals.

During that international conference on alternative healing, our own faith healer, Jun Labo, demonstrated before at least 1,000 people in the audience the phenomenal bare-handed psychic surgery on a 10-year-old Russian boy with brain tumor and declared to have only a few weeks to live by Russian doctors. The boy was healed and came to the Philippines 10 years later with his father to personally thank Labo for saving his life.

Geller’s ability to repair broken watches and appliances is less known, but is nevertheless quite intriguing.

During his many demonstrations of spoon bending, he would ask people to bring their broken watches and put them on the stage. People at home watching on television were asked to place their spoons and broken watches and clocks in front of their TV screens.

Psychic News

During such demonstrations, many at home reported that their spoons bent and broken watches began to work again.

Here is one story of such demonstration as reported by Psychic News, a newspaper in London, England, in its May 1, 1976, issue. The headline reads: “Uri triumphs in an outrageously difficult test.”

“Psychic news readers were asked to concentrate on broken watches, clocks and electrical appliances at a specified time and date. They were asked to will them to mend.

“The tremendous energy summoned up by 6 million readers all concentrating on the same goal at the same time will make the experiment more effective,” said the journal.

“Geller gave a warning before the test: ‘The energy we are all generating may cause other ‘strange’ things to happen. Cutlery might bend, black-and-white TV temporarily turn to color, lights flicker.’

“The result, according to the journal: An avalanche of letters and phone calls came flooding in from all over the country. Broken watches started ticking and lightbulbs flashed on and off. Forks bent. Faulty toasters, hair dryers and ancient radios miraculously worked again. Many readers reported dizziness or a burning sensation in the arms during the appointment. A mixer began to work properly.

“A Sheffield man was puzzled by the experiment. His faulty watch started to work again but the part was still broken.”

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