​AIA LIVE EXPO 2021: Partnering with every Filipino in their journey towards a healthier, longer, and better lives
AIA Live Better

​AIA LIVE EXPO 2021: Partnering with every Filipino in their journey towards a healthier, longer, and better lives

A healthy lifestyle now is an investment; and this could be achieved through regular physical activity, balanced diet, enough rest.  Indeed, a healthy lifestyle will keep one fit and able, and keep those unwanted additional pounds at bay. But beyond not gaining weight, being healthy means better energy levels, helping you be more productive. It also translates to improved sleep that will guarantee waking up recharged every morning, ready to deal with what lies ahead for the day, and ultimately, help you reduce your risk of common diseases and health problems.  And like any journey in life, it won’t be easy but if you have a coach motivating you to stick to what you are doing and cheering you on your smallest victories, it will definitely be easier to stay on track and sustain what you have started.

AIA Philippines (formerly AIA Philam Life) has always championed health and wellness, and through the AIA Live Better Expo, has been helping Filipinos live healthier, longer, and better lives since 2017.  The recently concluded AIA Live Better Expo 2021—officially opened by AIA global Ambassador and sports icon David Beckham, and featured  AIA Philippines’ Brand Ambassadors Gary Valenciano, Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Raymond Gutierrez, Wil Dasovich, and Anton del Rosario—moved its experiential platform online where the company shared an anthology of doable tips and insights about how everyone can live healthy every day.

AIA Philippines Live Better

Together with its bancassurance arm, BPI AIA, AIA Live Better Expo 2021 also featured a panel of fitness and nutrition coaches like Fia Batua Mambuay and Chappy Callanta who highlighted the different aspects of wellness such as fitness, nutrition, along with other thought leaders and experts who discussed financial health.   “Our goal is to encourage more Filipinos to live better, and AIA Philippines and BPI AIA are in the best position to help them achieve that. With the recent launch of our My AIA platform where our Total Health Solution ecosystem can be accessed, we can help them be their healthiest, no matter what their health starting line may be,” stated Leo Tan, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Philippines, who personally demonstrated the AIA’s Total Health Solutions, that will be everyone’s health partner from sunup to sundown. 

AIA’s Total Health Solution, an ecosystem accessible through a single touchpoint platform that allows customers to access all its services that can help them live better, protect better, and get better. The ecosystem includes the AIA Vitality, a wellness program that rewards you for living healthy. Beyond protection, investment and savings, AIA Vitality raises the bar and gives unprecedented living benefits that members will enjoy for being healthy.  AIA Vitality allows you to enjoy rewards for always choosing to do one more for knowing and improving your health. The healthier you get, the more points you earn and the higher your status becomes. The higher your status, the bigger your rewards. 

Live Better and find your balance

Family gatherings, just like the recent Holiday season, conjure up images of endless meaningful conversations with loved ones, over a table that’s stuffed with lots of Filipino favorite food, and yes, unwanted pounds. Multi hyphenated creative director Mond Gutierrez shared his secrets to maintaining his current ideal weight, with finding the right balance as the key.  He exercised every day and planned his meals through portion control and mindful eating.  He also got enough sleep and increased his water intake. During family feasts, Gutierrez suggests that mingling and chatting with everyone will keep you occupied and distract you away from the table.  “We cannot avoid getting together but you must find your balance, and watch what you eat, so you could reconnect with loved ones while keeping those unwanted pounds at bay,” he recommended.

Multi-award winning Youtuber and prolific content creator Wil Dasovich gave everyone a glimpse of what he consumes daily.  His pantry is jampacked with vegetables (especially mushrooms, which are his favorite), and always incorporates them within his three daily meals but emphasized that breakfast should be something light to slowly “break the fast”.  He also loves keto desserts and has minimized his carbs intake but reminded everyone that it is all right to reserve one day as “cheat day” to indulge in what you want. “The most important diet is the one that works for you. We just have to be mindful about what we take in and nurture a healthy relationship with food,” the prolific content creator said. 

Nutricoach Inc.’s Coach Fia Batua-Mambuay emphasized that portioning and calorie-counting works but stated that the best diet is what is accessible, what best suits one’s lifestyle, attaining balance, and taking everything in moderationPopular Strength conditional coach Chappy Callanta added how exercise and mobility can do wonders for the body, including non-athletes, but shared that knowing your fitness goal is the most important so you can focus your physical activities towards attaining that goal. 

Protect Better and future-proof your life

While Filipino-American football player and AIA Ambassador Anton del Rosario had fun doing football 101 lessons from his son Myles to stress the importance of sports and mobility, dynamic duo Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, who are also AIA Ambassadors, shared some trivia about their lives as a couple, their individual professions, and their experiences as parents of their daughter Thylane. “We want her to be happy, healthy, and become a good person.  We want to protect her but the fear of knowing that we cannot protect her from everything is the greatest challenge about parenting,” they said. 

Bolzico is currently advocating for food security for the Filipinos while Heussaff is an artist-entrepreneur who recently launched her lifestyle creative space called Solenn Manila has this to say about protecting and managing the business: “Every business has a different story. We are lucky to have a balanced time at home, and while it may not be the same for everyone, but you just have to see the situation you’re in, believe that things are possible and make time for it,” Heussaff advised.  

The power couple clearly showed that pursuing your passion is also one way to protect your future and underscored the fact that having the right partner can help us work toward one solid goal: a secured future.  With a partner like AIA Philippines that can protect and secure one’s future, especially during these uncertain times.

While the definition of financial freedom might differ from each individual, a widely accepted view is that it is achieved when one no longer lives from paycheck to paycheck, as they have sufficient assets to generate an income on which to fund their needs now and in the future. Registered Financial Planner Salve Duplito perceives financial freedom as having the money to give herself and her family what they need. She encouraged everyone to start envisioning their financial goals, despite the current situation, and start working towards the achievement of these goals

Another way to secure your future and protect your loved one is getting an insurance for your peace of mind. While life insurance covers a death benefit for your loved one, a permanent policy lets you build wealth, tax-free, even when you are alive, making it such a good investment. AIA’s premier Insurance Advisor Jen Sta Maria reiterated that while those who are aged and sickly need it right now, it is the young and healthy who should get it now when they don’t need it yet, so they can get it cheaper and easier. 

Life insurance can complement your other investments. According to AIA’s Financial Planner and Investment advisor and Financial Wellness Coach Manny Pagaduan, if you have properties such as real estate, a parcel of land, or a business, you will need an insurance to protect all your acquired assets.  Having  life and health/ critical illness insurance means that you don’t have to sell any of your assets when untoward life events hit you because you have a partner shouldering your expenses and securing your road to financial recovery. 

Total Recovery is About Getting Better With Each Step on Your Journey

Musical artist Gary Valenciano is a living example of someone who has been on a long journey towards perfect health and total recovery. Battling type 1 juvenile diabetic since he was 14 years old, the 57-year-old singer said that getting better is something he strives towards despite the many health challenges he has experienced over the years. He suffered kidney cancer and partial nephrectomy a month after undergoing a cardiac bypass surgery in 2018 and was also afflicted with dengue just a few months ago.  For Gary V, getting better involves a mindful effort to stay healthy while preparing his body for whatever is to come. 

“When a person gets sick, it’s not only the physical aspect that is challenged; it also poses a challenge to one’s mental and financial wellness. With insurance products by AIA Philippines, I do not need to worry. I only need to focus on getting better,” the AIA Philippines Ambassador beamed.  Like family and friends who have always been there for him, Gary considers AIA Philippines to be a God-given tool that helps him focus on recovery.  “People think that as an artist, I do not have problems and my life is made, but no one is spared from challenges especially when it comes to health. But there is always the choice to get better, especially with AIA Philippines,” Mr. Pure Energy said.


Now on its 74th year in the industry, AIA Philippines continuously puts more effort into becoming more relevant by increasing their presence in people’s lives. With its game-changing Total Health Solution ecosystem that incentivizes and motivates every individual by earning points for maintain for every healthy behavior and provides an upfront policy premium discount, or additional coverage or loyalty boosts that either increase or decrease depending on the member’s engagement in the program.

“As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, taking care of our health has never been more important. Wellness is no longer just a buzzword but a reality that we all strive to achieve in these challenging times,” shares Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer. “As we launch tools that will help more Filipinos live better—through Total Health Solution found in My AIA—we are able to mentor them as they go through their wellness journey. Live Better now serves as the platform from which we can better communicate how these all come together and bring to life our purpose of helping people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

It’s never too late to start changing your lifestyle and securing your future—the sooner the better–as there is always improvement to be made for tomorrow.  AIA’s Total Solutions is your partner from prediction or prevention, to protection, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, helping every Filipino live better, protect better, and get better, wherever everyone’s starting point is.  Healthier, longer, and better lives—this is what AIA Philippines sees in the future. And that future starts now. 

View the AIA Live Better Expo 2021 here: AIA Philippines – AIA Live Better Expo 2021 | Facebook.  For more information about AIA Philippines, click here: AIA Philippines: Leading Insurance Company in the Philippines. You may also visit AIA Philippines’ Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/AIAPhilippines, email [email protected], or call 8528-2000. #AIALivebetter2021 #LiveBetterExpo2021

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