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“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” —Winston Churchill

Positivity is made up of different components, each of which has distinct, but mostly good, impacts on our lives. Self-focused positive thinking tends to be good for well-being and buffers the effects of stress. To grow this aspect of positivity, using strategies of self-compassion and self-kindness would greatly improve our own self-worth and self-confidence.

In times of great transition, we are often pushed into reconnecting to our inner compass to navigate any uncertainty and radical change. Dealing with growing children, changing professions, moving home, going through a separation or reevaluating lifestyle and values urge us to leave our “safe zone” and become travelers on an unknown, often stressful path. All of these challenging experiences become beneficial to our personal growth.

Establishing our “True North” stabilizes our purposeful direction and fulfilling life. We are able to reconnect to our inner wisdom so that we can face our challenges with clarity and guidance. Clearing my recent emotional instability with spiritual and therapy guidance, I have a more dynamic understanding of how my next chapter would unfold.

Apart from all the various therapy sessions and bible study groups I attend, I am also open to the universal energies that affect my psychological being. These shifting energies are happening this time of the year because of the start of a new 60-year Chinese Zodiac cycle that commenced last year with the Year of the Metal Rat and then ending six decades later.

The change in large energy will happen on Feb. 1, Year of the Water Tiger. It is forecast to have a lot of instability because of the imbalance of the five elements.

Auspicious cures

Celebrity feng shui expert Marites Allen shared her fortune forecast for each of the animal signs through her feng shui books. She suggests for all to harness the energy patterns in our surroundings by adding auspicious cures in the home.

Financially, the snake and the pig have the wealth luck. The horse, the sheep and the rooster are the signs with positive fortune energy. In the love sector, the ox and the sheep have the best relationship perspective.

Interestingly, my sign the rabbit might have an excess of relationship luck predicted by their “illegal romance star.” However, they are warned about being perceived as too attractive this year as it may attract unwanted people and tenuous situations. This is according to another feng shui expert, Peter Lim Fernandez, who shared this in a Lifestyle Asia feature about the Year of Water Tiger.

Money-wise, the northeast and south are prosperity and wealth directions. These can be activated by staying in these directions or putting moving or living things like plants in those areas.

Directions to avoid altogether are the southwest and center, which have sickness and disaster energy. Do not stay or place red objects here in order to help diminish negative energies.

Opening new businesses also creates lucky energy. My good friend Cindy Yang told me about the opening of many McDonald’s outlets lately.

In terms of internal change, people are advised to keep an open mindset, give themselves more positive chi by attending or hosting celebrations or gatherings, and being selfless.

Good vibrations help animal signs that are not too auspicious this year. Create good karma by doing charity and acts of kindness. Giving away good chi creates the same energy to return back to its source. In helping others, good chi brings about good fortune and good vibes.


Welcoming the year full of goals and opportunities, my favorite one-stop shop home store, Wilcon Depot, successfully conducted its virtual Sales Kickoff Conference for all the its valued employees with the theme “I Am Wilcon.”

The conference aims to train its workforce to continuously deliver an unparalleled customer experience both in-store and online. For this year, Wilcon highlighted the core values of the company, consisting of seven elements. Serving as the heart of the company, Wilcon recognizes that channeling its company values to its retail leaders and employees will surely allow them to continuously develop their high standards of leadership. And with the goal to pursue digital transformation in their business operations and strategies, embodying each value is essential to producing top-quality outputs.

Through its relentless leadership training and staying true to its culture and core values, Wilcon Depot’s aspiration to be part of its customers’ everyday journey to build, improve and refine Filipino homes for a more sustainable and comfortable life will surely be fulfilled.

Wilcon Depot also shared their plans to open 12 retail stores in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro; Tagaytay; Mayamot, Antipolo; Bantay, Ilocos Sur; Abucay, Bataan; Bauang, La Union; Paniqui, Tarlac; Tuba, Benguet; Gapan and San Jose in Nueva Ecija; and Lemery and Rosario in Batangas, as part of fulfilling their #FlyingHighTo100 store expansion campaign, wherein Wilcon aims to have 100 operating stores nationwide by 2025, barring any unexpected external factors.

For more updates about Wilcon, you can log on to Follow them on their Facebook and Instagram at @WilconDepot.PH. You can also subscribe and connect with them at Viber Community, Wilcon Depot PH; YouTube, Wilcon TV; and LinkedIn: Wilcon Depot Inc.

According to the universal law of attraction, you draw to yourself the same kind of energy that you give out. When you feel gratitude, joy and positivity, good things come your way, whereas if you focus on the things you lack, then good fortune and prosperity may remain beyond your grasp. So, trust that you will always have enough so your life will overflow with gifts from the universe.

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