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OCTOBER 27, 2022

This summer in the Philippines has reached scorching temperatures—it’s important for our babies and us Mamas to stay well hydrated.

I’ve found the most gorgeous water bottle courtesy of my schoolmate Melissa Ongsue of Purple Tag. She introduced me to KOR Hydration vessels—made from BPA Free Tritan material. Aside from its many colors and sizes available super star mom Gwyneth Paltrow was seen carrying it.

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Hillary Duff, David Beckham have all been seen toting the KOR hydration vessel.

Its pop open top makes for easy drinking without worrying about losing the cap. Its large opening spout allows you to fill it with ice, unlike other water bottles where you need to open and separate the cap to put in ice cubes. Its cushioned bottom also makes for a gentle landing should it come falling down!
KOR was founded in the US and the company is an advocate for promoting awareness for water related issues around the world. For every sale, they donate 1% of that to various non-profit organizations such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, The Wetlands Initiative, The Container Recycling Institute and The Blue Planet Run. KOR, inspired by the word ’core’ believes that water is central to life—absolutely true as the body is mostly made up of water and the earth’s oceans hold all life, hence KOR’s advocacy to save water.

My little boy loves carrying his KOR bottle around, thankfully he loves to drink water. The bottles bigger opening is also training him slowly to move away from the regular spout type of vessel and on to a bigger version—hopefully will help in the bottle weaning as well!

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