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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SWIM rings and other pool toys make swimming even more fun.
TAKE pictures of your pool party.

One thing’s for sure this summer—your kids will complain about the heat. While you can whisk them off to a resort or a hotel for a few days, what about the rest of their summer vacation?

Here’s a sure-fire idea that will not only help you beat the heat but will also keep your kids’ boredom at bay. The best part? It’s so much fun it will tear them away from their computers and video games.

Build your own backyard pool and have a summer-long swimming party with your kids.

Pick a spot and measure it. Find out how much space you can spare for your pool. Make sure your spot is free of sharp rocks and debris that might tear your pool.

Buy your pool. Department stores and toy stores carry a wide array of pool choices. One brand that offers pools in different shapes and sizes is Intex. Baby pools can cost as low as P199.75; small pools cost between P399.75 and P1,499.75; bigger pools that can fit the entire family can cost up to P4299.

SWIM rings and other pool toys make swimming even more fun.

You can find the brand at Toy Kingdom and Toy Kingdom Express at SM. There are also bigger pools. Choose the pool size suited to your budget and the number of kids and adults who will swim. If you have older kids and little ones, it might be a good idea to get a separate smaller pool for the toddlers. Don’t forget the air pump.

NO POOL in your backyard? Build one.

Put together a maintenance kit. For bigger pools that are not emptied every day, you will need to buy chlorine, pH balance test strips, a pump and filter to keep your water clean. Chlorine and pH balance test strips can be purchased from pool suppliers. Pumps and filters are usually available where Intex pools are sold.

Just make sure to get the right pump for your pool size. For more details on maintaining your pool and treating the water, visit the following web pages:,

Set up your pool. Make sure it’s protected from hard grass, rocks and other sharp objects. It would be smart to lay down a tarp under your pool to protect it. Do not allow toys with sharp edges into the pool. Pets shouldn’t be allowed to scratch the pool.

Swim. Once your pool’s pH balance and chlorine content are at ideal levels, your kids can start swimming. For extra fun, you may want to pick up toys for the pool (or raid your kids’ toy cabinets). Rubber duckies, inflatable balls, swim rings are ideal for pool play. Toy Kingdom carries a lot of pool toys, with prices ranging from P44.75 to over P700. And don’t forget the sunblock.

BIGGER pools require filter pumps to make sure your water stays clean. You can also pick up a pool vacuum and skimmer to remove other pool debris.

Turn it into a party. Bring out your grill, hotdogs and cold drinks and you’ve got yourself a pool party. Marshmallows are a must too—they’re delicious with hot dogs and your kids can have fun roasting them.

Never leave your children unsupervised in the pool area. Put up a barrier around the pool and keep your kids in sight to avoid accidents.

Cover the pool when not in use. Pool covers are also available where pools are sold.

Clean before storing. When summer is over and you do not intend to use your pool for a long time, drain the pool, remove any debris, spray the pool with your garden hose, gently scrub the pool to get rid of stains, grime and bacteria and rinse. Make sure the pool is completely dry before storing.

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