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OCTOBER 27, 2022

During the grand launch of Japanese brand Majolica Majorca, the brand explained the name through a fairytale of a plain girl in search of something to magically transform her into a thing of beauty. Indeed, most women regard makeup as a thing of magic, little pots, puffs and jars of transformation, with immense, instant power to impart confidence.

With its name sounding like an incantation found in a spellbook, Majolica Majorca’s line of beauty products is geared towards fanciful girls who love fairytales, Prince Charmings, and happy endings, not to mention makeup in pretty packaging. You’ll want to constantly touch up and powder your nose, thanks to their engraved gold “jeweling” compact, which you can refill with powder in your exact shade.

Each collection in the brand is interconnected, a chapter in a seasonal storybook, beginning with Spring’s Sugary Trap, an assortment of pastry-inspired shades and flavors, like macaron-shaped blush in pastel tins and creamy chocolate liners.

This season, another chapter in the storybook is opened with Fake Sleeping, a dreamier and more adventurous set featuring sparkly tear drop eyeliners, and an aphrodisiac fruity fragrance called Majoromantica, packaged in a bottle resembling a love potion. Fake Sleeping is an ideal set whose story revolves around the Princess finally awakening to a kiss from a Prince after a hundred years’ slumber.

Tips on how to wear tear drop eyeliner:

Japanese makeup artist Sawako Yuri demonstrated the Fake Sleeping collection and gives tips on how to wear sparkly eyeliner.

Aurora Tear Liner was designed to resemble glistening pearls on eyes and helps to make it look brighter and clearer.

You can use the tear liner alone or on top of your favorite eyeliner. Just make sure to apply it on top of your original liner after it’s dried.

For a glittering look, you can also apply it to the upper and lower tips of eyelashes for a sparkling teardrop effect.

Majolica Majorca counters are exclusively located at select SM department stores and Watsons.