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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The perfect culmination for a wonderful year, the holiday season is once again upon us. It is time to put on your ugly Christmas sweaters for a period of cheer, celebration, and merry-making in the presence of your loved ones. What better way to show appreciation for these people, than through getting them a gift that they would surely enjoy? Aside from the token stocking fillers, one thing that would be nice to keep in mind this year is the gift of pampering and self-care.

The holidays are truly a time for happiness and cheer, and surely there is no room amidst festivities for bothersome Christmas shopping. Gone are the days when you would spend hours upon hours stuck in traffic, tirelessly going from mall to mall, seeking out the perfect gift for your partner, your in-laws, and your friends and relatives. Rustan’s The Beauty Source is the one-stop shop for all your holiday needs, guaranteeing a diverse array of selections for your loved ones! Now sporting a new and revamped space to feature the best brands on the market, it’s safe to say that their new store layout enhances the overall shopping experience—they have everything after all. 

Rustan’s iconic displays make even the most tedious shopping lists a little more stylish and sweet. Amplify your jubilant and celebratory mood with the help of the splendour Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s holiday selections have to offer. If you’re still stuck deciding on what to get in the first place, these three contemporary women will have you covered, having found the perfect picks for all the special people in their lives all under one roof!

Patti Grandidge


For The Husband Who Takes Time to Wind Down – Clarins Men’s Energizing Gift Set

“My husband Jon’s days are full of meetings in different places. He’s always on the go when in work mode, and if he’s not busy, Jon enjoys quiet time alone reading or learning something new.  The Clarins Energizing Gift Set comes with three essential face care products for healthy skin, meant to soothe and uplift even when life gets hectic—a perfect match for a busy daily routine.”

For The Young and Active Sons – Malin + Goetz Make It Double Hand + Body Wash and Body Lotion set

“My two sons Neo and Jed are active and love to figure out how things work. They’re constantly battling over the same things! The Malin + Goetz Make It Double Shampoo and Lotion Set is a great post-playtime treat for boys who like to rough it out. It’s important to tidy up all the sweat and bacteria and at the same time introduce a self-care routine for soft skin even when they’re young.”

For The Jet-Setter Fashionista Mom – Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 Travel Set 

“My mom is fun and stylish, and always open to trying new things. Now that the pandemic is over, she’s back to one of her favourite activities: travelling. The Maison Francis Kurkdijan travel sets feature small doses of the brand’s famously poetic scents, which is great for making any trip extra special and fancy no matter where you are.”

For The Fellow Busy Mama Friends – CHANEL N°5 The Body Cream “I have a lot of girlfriends who have children that are of similar age to mine. We seem to have our hands full 24/7, but we do very much treasure the pockets of kid-free time that we get. The CHANEL N°5 The Body Cream is a floral and feminine body cream perfect for those days you just want to give yourself a little TLC.”

Georgia Schulze – Del Rosario


For The Relaxed and Doting Grandmother –  La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

“My mom is now in her relaxed years. Being a grandmother of 8, she’s always happy to cook up a feast for her family. I’d love for her to always feel confident and looking youthful as a thank you for all her love and dedication. The La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift is a luxuriously potent serum that infuses skin with volume and life itself. This cutting edge innovation is revitalizing and restorative, and yields age-defying results for all its users.”

For The Daughter Away for College – L’Occitane Shea Golden Latte Collection

“Finding joy in her new life abroad, my eldest daughter now has to get used to living with four seasons. She needs very strong hydration products to combat the dry weather in her new home away from home. The L’Occitane Shea Golden Latte Collection’s warm, creamy scents are a comforting snuggle in even the coldest of winters. The limited edition holiday collection comes with a  shower foam, gentle soap, and shimmering body cream that help nourish and moisturize in the most delicately opulent manner. “

For The Barkada Beach Bums – Sisley Exfoliating Enzyme Masks

“I spend so much time under the sun at the beach with my best friends. We always need UV protection, hair serums, and tanning agents on all our trips, but most importantly, the right recovery products for when we get home. The Sisley Exfoliating Enzyme Mask is a preparatory face mask made from Papain, a 100% natural-origin enzyme derived from papaya, that reveals a more radiant complexion in just 1 minute. It provides a radiance-boosting action where the skin is gently exfoliated and refined, revealing a more luminous glow from underneath. It’s a much-needed boost that prepares your skin for any and all care routines.”

For The Busy Soccer Moms – Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy Rituals Collection

“We spend hours and hours watching our kids play soccer, so it’s important that we show ourselves the same enthusiasm when it comes to taking care of ourselves. To get some pamper time and self care in, it’s nice to have the right products that help us unwind. The Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy Rituals Collection is lovingly crafted with sustainably sourced, pure organic essential oils. It is a natural remedy to life’s most exhausting tasks, blended thoughtfully to help unwind, relax, and meditate when there’s finally time to rest.”

Tricia Centenera


For The Sister Who Juggles Her Work and Home Life –  The Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Lipstick

“My sister in Australia is a mom of two. At the same time, she’s also a doctor. She can really get quite busy given all her responsibilities so this Christmas, I’d love for something that she can take with her no matter what she’s doing. The Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Lipstick is ultra-pigmented and comes in various silky shades, which would make the perfect little pop of color to carry in your purse at all times.”

For The Thoughtful Gentleman Boyfriend – The Bon Parfumeur Les Essentiels 801

“My boyfriend Duane is one of the hardest working men I know. Despite his busy schedule, he is a true gentleman who loves to play tennis & spend quality time with his family. The Bon Parfumeur Les Essentiels 801 Set contains everything a well-rounded man needs. Reminiscent of warm summer days, the perfume, hand cream, and solid soap come in lively scents of sea salt, cedar, and grapefruit.”

For The Dedicated Personal Assistant – Phytolaque Hair Spray

“My assistant helps me stay on top of everything, and because she has been so wonderful, I think she deserves everything wonderful in the world, too. She’s a very special person to me so I like pampering her with things that give her tip-top care even on her busiest days. The Phytolaque Hairspray helps keep things together and adds an extra sleek hold. The thoughtfully formulated proteins protect the hair and provide a soft and silky finish, and is the perfect complement to the rest of Phyto’s wide range of hair care products.”

For The Retired Dad Who Loves to Chill Out – Diptyque Carousel and Berries (Baies) Candle Set

“After raising so many of us siblings, my father now finally has time for himself. He loves the finer things in life, so any gift I give him has to be something he can enjoy while he kicks back to relax, spend his days with his grandkids, and drink a good bottle of wine. The iconic Diptyque Berries candle now comes in exquisite new packaging, featuring imagery of the stars around the sun and opulent golden charms that revolve around the flame. This special holiday present comes in a soft and fruity fragrance, bringing notes of a bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves wafting through any space.”


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