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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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As we have now entered yet another cycle in the yearly Chinese calendar, central to the holiday is identifying the numerous factors affecting one’s fortune, particularly relating to one’s Chinese Zodiac Sign. But unlike the traditional astrological signs that we’re familiar with that deal primarily with personality traits and frequently, relationship compatibility, the Chinese Zodiac can be a bit more complicated, specifically with its ever-changing nature that depends on whatever year it is. Helping us navigate through unfamiliar territory and offering insight into the prosperity or misfortune that you may encounter this year is Feng Shui Master Joseph Chau.

Master Chau is a notable figure in Chinese geomancy. He has mastered the ancient Asian tradition and created a Feng Shui compass that guides enthusiasts worldwide to prosperity. He has practiced Feng Shui for more than 30 years, becoming a globally acclaimed expert who has held lectures and has been featured on several programs around the world.

This is what the new year has in store for you according to Feng Shui Master Joseph Chau.

Forecast for the Year of the Water Rabbit

  • This is a romantic and academic year.
  • It is lucky for romance and self-improvement.
  • Working employees can easily get a promotion.
  • It is most important to maintain a good relationship with others.
  • Mind your own business and do not put your finger into every pie.
  • The presence of the Golden Treasure Box lucky star.
  • Overall financial situation is stable and prosperous.
  • Tourism, hotels, trading, logistics, transportation, education, fashion, design, furniture, chemical industrial, restaurant, computer, and technology industries will have better prospects.
  • Construction, real estate, banking, and machinery will face a minor drop.
  • Health: be wary of head injuries, cervical infarctions, bone aches, and liver and lung complications, among others.
  • Transportation accidents, typhoons, flooding, landslides, big fires, earthquakes, and water hazards will occur in the Northwestern parts of the World.

The Rabbit

  • The Rabbit is affected by an unseen force from Jupiter.
  • They are easy to perplex with gossip and court cases.
  • Luck of the Rabbit is bitter at first, but sweeter later.
  • Be humble and keep a low profile to avoid conflict with others.
  • It is most important that they focus on self-cultivation.
  • Be patient and have the gut to be tolerant of people.
  • Four lucky stars are shining bright. No matter how complicated and changeable this year is, they will handle their business well.
  • Luck with money is quite good. It comes from all sources.
  • Relationships will be unstable and problems will occur.
  • Keep away from sharp objects and maintain road safety.

The Dragon

  • The Dragon is in a harmful relationship with Rabbit this year.
  • Be on alert for hidden enemies and wicked people.
  • Sun – full of energy and their spirits which are flourishing.
  • Able to spread their talents and ability skillfully and proficiently.
  • Career luck is optimistic and work progress is smooth sailing.
  • Money luck is shining and beneficial for investments.
  • However, they have to save money for the rainy day.
  • Romance star sparks, they will enjoy good relationships with others.
  • Health condition is ideal and they are full of energy.
  • Pay attention to your diet and food hygiene to prevent stomach and digestive problems.

The Snake

  • Travel star – this is a busy and ever-changing year for the Snake.
  • Be flexible with sudden changes & adapt to the local condition.
  • Benefactor lucky star shines bright; career luck is pretty good.
  • Maintain good relationships with others to avoid isolation.
  • Money luck is more work more gain; but hard to accumulate.
  • Chinese motto says: “Strength is not less than Wealth”.
  • Be patient and try to improve their relationships.
  • Try not to take things hard and let nature takes its course.
  • Pay special care to the health of the senior members of the family and pay attention to road safety.

The Horse

  • The Horse has a broken relationship with the Rabbit this year.
  • Their benefactor luck is strong and fully supporting.
  • Career development is very optimistic and smooth sailing.
  • Take this rare opportunity to march forward courageously.
  • Money luck is excellent. It will find its way to come.
  • Lunar Virtue star – business is lucky for female products.
  • No greedy thoughts or it’s very easy to fall into monetary fraud.
  • Love star is activated. Time for a single Horse to get married.
  • Health condition has improved a lot.
  • Keep away from dust and germs to prevent respiratory system complications, skin allergies, and lung problems.

The Goat

  • Goats are partly in alliance with the Rabbit this year
  • Six stars shining bright; their luck is excellent and prosperous.
  • Career luck is smooth sailing with guidance from the benefactor.
  • Has the chance to break through in business development.
  • Money luck is shining, beneficial for making diversified investments.
  • Chinese motto says: “Too much greed will prone one to poverty.”
  • Romance star is not shining. Relationships are complicated.
  • Be patient with each other and try to reach a mutual understanding.
  • Health condition is still manageable with no major problems.
  • It is forbidden to have cosmetic surgery or laser treatment to avoid disfiguration.

The Monkey

  • The luck of the Monkey has greatly improved compared to last year.
  • Three lucky stars shining bright, enjoy both felicity and longevity.
  • Have the authority and ability to handle difficulties at work.
  • Keep a low profile and maintain good relationships with others.
  • Work will be smooth sailing and won’t cause hindrances.
  • Money luck is shining and promising.
  • Business and money luck come from all sources.
  • Romance star is activated; it is enriching and full of varieties.
  • Health condition is problematic this year.
  • Pay close attention to food hygiene and get enough rest and sleep to prevent sickness.

The Rooster

  • The Rooster is clashing with the Rabbit directly without any lucky star.
  • The Rooster’s luck will be frustrating from time to time.
  • They have to be patient and mind their own business.
  • Be mentally prepared in order to accept all the challenges.
  • With their persevering spirit, they will be able to achieve success.
  • “Huge Drain”- they are easy to experience a sudden financial loss.
  • They have to keep a close eye on their wealth.
  • Couples should reach a mutual common understanding.
  • Health condition is relatively good.

The Dog

  • The Dog is the most compatible with the Rabbit this year.
  • Two powerful benefactor lucky stars shining bright.
  • Work progress is smooth sailing and stable.
  • Career development will have the potential for growth.
  • With their collective wisdom and concerted efforts, they will be able to achieve more than they expected.
  • Therefore, they should seize this good opportunity to show their ability at work. Once they miss this chance it will never return.
  • Money luck is shining with abundant income.
  • Romance star is blooming; their interpersonal relationship is smooth sailing.
  • Health condition is relatively good, just be wary of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to prevent heart problems.

The Pig

  • The Pig is partly in alliance with the Rabbit this year.
  • Interpersonal relationships with others will be smooth sailing.
  • No lucky star shines bright; they will suffer pressure from work.
  • They have to be extra careful in all matters.
  • They must be patient and keep a low profile at work.
  • Money luck is not optimistic.
  • Refuse partnerships in business because it is not the right time.
  • “Heavenly Kitchen”- enjoy delicious good food.
  • Exercise more to keep your body in good shape.
  • Relationships with others are not good, so try to learn how to get along with others in social gatherings.

The Rat

  • An unhealthy relationship between the Rat and Rabbit this year.
  • Pay special attention to your interpersonal relationships with others.
  • Three lucky stars shining bright, your luck has greatly improved.
  • All your wishes will come true and this will be a good opportunity to identify your ambitions and seek success.
  • Money luck is flourishing with abundance in business income.
  • Refuse having joint business ventures with others in any speculative investment to prevent gaining money while losing your friends.
  • Health condition is good and much improved.
  • Beware of digestive and stomach problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
  • Love affair is blooming and the wedding star is active.

The Ox

  • Luck is weak because there are no lucky stars. One Salvation star shines bright.
  • You have to be mentally prepared for tough challenges.
  • Depend on your own skills and abilities and take things seriously.
  • Sal star – to suppress negative influences from the unlucky stars.
  • Be able to change your bad luck into good fortune.
  • Money luck is moderate and you can receive a stable income.
  • Businessmen, try to develop rare products and use the brand new image to hit the market trend to achieve good rewards.
  • Health condition is not good. Keep away from sharp objects.
  • Love life is not smooth sailing and shows no progress. They have to reach a mutual understanding to avoid miscommunication.

The Tiger

  • The lucky star shines bright.
  • Work progress is smooth sailing with guidance from the benefactor.
  • Yield twice the result with half the effort and gain achievements.
  • Ambitions and career luck will have good ideal development.
  • Money luck is optimistic, but do not be too greedy
  • Save money to broaden sources of income and reduce expenditures.
  • “Sickness star’ pay extra attention to your diet and food hygiene.
  • Take a medical checkup at the beginning of the year after February 4, 2023.
  • Love life is pretty good for singles. Married persons have to keep away from temptations.

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