6 New Video Games in the “Cozy Game” Genre this 2023 | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Songs of Glimmerwick download release date witch video game

This 2023 is lined up with releases of new games in the “cozy game genre”, available on steam, switch, gamepad, iPad and PC. The relaxing genre sets a slow place through gentle role-playing gameplay, while set in nature or fantasy worlds with customizable characters and calming music.

Remember Harvest Moon? The farming simulation was one of the original cozy games released in 1996. With its humble premise of living off the land, caring for animals, and connecting to the people and nature around you, its release was a pivotal moment that started a love for the calming genre around the world.

Developers will be releasing these carefree games from Spring to later this 2023. Check out the list of upcoming releases this year, and other cozy games now available to play.

1. Haunted Chocolatier

From the same developers of the classic RPG Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe announced the release of their next game in 2021. In the delightful Haunted Chocolatier, you play the role of a chocolatier living in a magical castle haunted by a chocolate ghost. Aside from a combat-focused gameplay, your main role will be to gather ingredients, mix chocolate with new recipes, and run your very own chocolate shop. While still in its early stages, we can’t wait to see what the developers of ConcernedApe have in store.

Haunted Chocolatier release date 2023 free download wiki cooking video game
Haunted Chocolatier | ConcernedApe

2. Fae Farm 

Games are always more fun with friends. Available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Fae Farm offers the opportunity to play a customizable sim with up to four friends. The multi-player game gives you your own magical home, where you can craft spells to explore more of the enchanted island of Azoria, as well as travel to different realms. You can either build up your home to win rewards or battle enemies in the dungeons. The game is set to be released in late 2023. 

3. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Another Harvest Moon remake? That’s a yes! In this game you take on the role of an anime-like character in Forgotten Valley. Your story spans generations as you aim to keep up your father’s legacy by reviving his old farm. Build relationships with new friends or maybe get married, while growing crops and caring for your virtual livestock. The 3D visuals will heighten the experience, from milking a cow to interacting with the community. There are also options to fish and hunt for treasure. Stay tuned for the launch of Story of Seasons in June this year.

4. Songs of Glimmerwick

Now available on PC or Steam, “Songs of Glimmerwick” is a beautifully animated game set in a witch academy. The woodland fantasy has the unique aspect where characters can cast magic spells through music. You can choose what skills to develop during your extracurricular activities, from taking care of the university garden by playing the flute, or improving your animal-speaking abilities and “honing your croak”. The dialogue is fully voiced, while the story-driven play has quests and unique characters. Harry Potter fans will love this. 

5. Tiny Bookshop

Available on PC, Mac and iPad, this bookshop simulator released last 2022 is a utopia for daydreamers and booklovers. Customize your mobile bookstore with fairy lights, plants and furniture, or go around the town Bookstonbury-by-the-sea and mingle with the locals. You can stock your shelves with the community’s favorite books while practicing building a small business.

tiny bookshop release date steam mac
Tiny Bookshop | Steam

6. Lakeburg Legacies 

In Lakeburg Legacies, you play both a matchmaker and a city builder. A bit on the unconventional side, you choose the fate of your villagers’ dating life. Apart from building the townspeoples’ houses, farms and bakeries, you manage their personal life, from courtship, marriage, babies and even dramatic affairs. Set in a medieval village, your goal is to create the happiest community. Play trial games on Steam or wait for Q2 when it will be released on PC.

If the “cozy genre” isn’t exactly up your alley, you can check out more games to look forward to being released this 2023, from the Legend of Zelda, resident Evil 4, Star Wars and Hogwarts Legacy.