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OCTOBER 27, 2022

You already have an idea why everyone tells you to never skip sunscreen, but it would do you good to know even more when prepping for that summer vacay you’ve resolved to fully enjoy. Here’s why sun protection should be on your list of skincare (and we do mean both face and body) priorities for the year’s hottest season. 

Think of sunscreen as an armor. The SPF in sun care products refers to its ability to block ultraviolet B or UVB rays which cause those pesky, painful sunburns. This is particularly important if you’re anticipating prolonged sun exposure at the beach or while doing fun outdoor activities on your trip. Applying higher SPF can help block more of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting you more from sunburn as opposed to not putting any at all. 

For a lot of us, the major reason to wear sunscreen would be its benefits against skin pigmentation, uneven tan lines, and premature aging. Just imagine how much you can save on skin treatments while keeping it healthy, even-toned, and younger-looking. Leveraging its expertise in skin lightening and providing products that enable women to Command Beauty, Kojie.san has launched an entire sun care line, Kojie.san SunProtect, powered by its latest innovation RadiCare, offers face and body protection for every day and every adventure. 

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If you’re confused by what’s on sunscreen labels and how these can help save your skin, Kojie.san SunProtect is ready with this quick decode. 

  • PA+ stands for how high a sunscreen’s protection grade is against ultraviolet A or UVA, which is mostly associated with skin aging. Seeing PA+++ on a product is good and offers high protection. 
  • UVA and UVB stand for ultraviolet A and B rays. Among the different types of sun rays, these two cause the most prominent damage to the skin. To make it easy to remember, UVB is for burning and UVA is for (premature) ageing of the skin, leading to dark spots, age spots and wrinkling. It’s ideal to use a sunscreen that protects against both. Check the PA rating – plus signs – for UVA and the SPF (sun protection factor) for UVB. 
  • Water resistant and sweat resistant mean that the sunscreen can still protect against the sun even after going into the water or while sweating. You will still have to reapply after 40 to 80 minutes to ensure continued protection. 

Powered by its RadiCare innovation, Kojie.san SunProtect has a radiation shield that serves as a protective barrier from harmful light radiation like sun light and blue light and other environmental factors to help relieve skin from stress, reduce the appearance of visible aging signs and increase and improve skin hydration while reducing skin roughness. 

Kojie.san SunProtect Body is best for those long swims at the beach, exciting water activities or traveling around destinations where the sunlight is harsh on your skin. It has SPF 69 and PA+++ to guard against UVB and UVA rays and is water resistant with a non-greasy formulation that can be easily absorbed by the skin and can also increase and improve skin hydration when under the sun.

If you’re spending the season playing sports or getting fit outdoors, Kojie.san SunProtect Sport is the suitable pick with SPF50+ and PA+++ as well as being non-greasy and sweat resistant. It has the Anti-Oxidant Defense that protects skin from various types of airborne pollutants you’d likely encounter while running outside or biking which can cause damage to your skin. 

For daily use on your face, Kojie.san SunProtect Face doubles as a makeup base with great sun protection at SPF50+ and PA+++ and a non-greasy and water-resistant formulation. And because Kojie.san is the expert in light, this sunscreen has Zero or No White Cast and is infused with shea butter and vitamin E. 

Make this summer everything you’ve dreamed of with Kojie.san SunProtect in hand. 


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