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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Maxene Magalona
Image: Instagram/@maxenemagalona

Actress and yoga instructress Maxene Magalona believes in affirmation, and she selflessly shares her own affirmations on her social media page.

On the first day of July Magalona shared her affirmation: “Life is good and it’s only getting better.”

“Affirm this statement wholeheartedly and sincerely every day for the rest of the year and watch your life magically get better every day,” she said.

As a life coach and yoga instructress, Magalona believes that “affirmations work but only if you do the work to clear and transmute your negative energy.”

“You can say all the positive words in the world but if your mind and body are holding on to negative energy in the form of thoughts and pain, your desires will not manifest,” she said, quoting an age-old adage, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.” (With God is mercy, with man is action.)

“If you want to receive your blessings in this lifetime, you have to first BE a blessing to this world,” she stressed, asking everyone to “work on becoming a good and kind human being so that you will get more good karma in this lifetime.”

Magalona went live on Instagram last Saturday during which she talked “about my #SweetSoulSunday sunset meditation series for the month of July which begins tomorrow at 5:30pm. DM us at @meditatewithmaxene to reserve your slots.”


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On the same day, Magalona stressed the importance of doing “the inner work so you won’t have to rely on external energy to make you feel whole.”

“We are already whole even without all the external trappings of this world. We keep relying on the outer world to make us feel good inside, but the truth of the matter is—nothing in the outer world can fix what is in the internal,” she said.


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“It’s July 1, the beginning of a new month. New hope. New energy. I’m here to encourage you to begin the work on yourselves, both inner and outer, so that you can heal every day in the next 6 months and meet a new, higher and more conscious version of yourself by the end of the year,” she said.  /ra


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