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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Nourishing abundance: a captivating spread of freshly harvested, organic delights that celebrate the flavors of nature – a testament to the dedication of the farmers.

When setting out to shop for weekly supply of vibrant fruits and crisp vegetables, always seek for a balance of freshness and good value for money. But have you ever paused to wonder about the incredible journey that produce goes through before gracing the shelves of local groceries or farmers’ markets? It’s something often overlooked but a compelling consideration on its own. 

As guardians of freshness, the women farmers from Chico River Organic Practitioners Organization (CROPO) meticulously inspect and care for their organic produce.

It’s a tale of unsung heroes — country’s small-scale farmers — who devote their life to tirelessly nurturing crops, battling harsh elements and finding any means possible to get their harvests to us, the end consumer. Even in an agriculturally rich nation like the Philippines, the farmers face formidable obstacles with little institutional support. This is especially true for small-scale farmers in remote regions of the country, such as the Chico River Organic Practitioners Organization (CROPO) in Bauko, Mt. Province. They endure arduous journeys along rugged paths, through dense forests, and across treacherous terrains, carrying over 20 kg of produce on their backs. 

Cultivating Abundance: A dedicated woman farmer from Chico River Organic Practitioners Organization (CROPO) nurturing crops under the protective canopy of a crop rain shelter.

Knowing this prevailing reality, Sub-Zero and Wolf, premium refrigeration and cooking appliance brands, collaborated with Good Food Community (GFC), a remarkable social enterprise that connects consumers with farmers by providing a direct and sustainable market for seasonal and organically grown produce. CROPO is a group that has worked with GFC for years, and through the partnership, Sub-Zero and Wolf sought to support the hardworking farmers by helping build and rehabilitate over 20 crop rain shelters to protect their farmland from pests and inclement weather. With these in place, more than 700 square meters of farmland will be protected to help the farmers yield over 30,000 kg of produce, with the goal of consistent livelihood for the CROPO farmers in the next five years.

Providing these crop rain shelters lays the foundation for climate-resilient infrastructure that supports sustainable agriculture. And this matters because good food is fresh food, and fresh food is better with quality ecology and soil care. Supporting farmers from the very beginning is crucial to achieving this. 

Sub-Zero Wold Good Food Community
(Left) Preserving freshness with elegance comes second nature to Sub-Zero refrigeration 
(Right) Masterful temperature control lets you savor the flavor of roasted vegetables with Wolf appliances

As the food preservation expert, Sub-Zero refrigeration understands that a way to honor fresh food and the arduous journey it goes through is by keeping vibrant flavors and nutritional goodness intact for longer periods. While Wolf appliances, the cooking expert, strive to unlock the rich flavors of the ingredients you’re cooking, ensuring that each dish you set on the table is a mouthwatering masterpiece to savor. These exceptional brands wholeheartedly embrace and support the incredible journey of food — from seed to plate.

Sub-Zero Wold Good Food Community
Building a Stronger Farming Community: Charlene Tan of Good Food Community (center) stands together with the passionate women farmers of Chico River Organic Practitioners Organization (CROPO), as they embrace the future with crop rain shelters nurturing their livelihoods.

Together with Good Food Community, Sub-Zero and Wolf strive to support, recognize, and patronize the vital contributions of the nation’s hardworking farmer communities. 

Commit to fresh, organic produce and browse through a selection of flavorful offerings at https://www.goodfoodcommunity.com/

Watch Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Seed to Plate journey and partnership with Good Food Community:

For more on their commitment to freshness and flavor, visit https://bit.ly/seedtoplatepdi or follow them on Instagram at @subzerowolfph.


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