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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Our hair has been through a lot of stress—whether it is from heat styling, bleaching, hair coloring, keeping up with new hair trends, or exposure from pollutants and other chemicals. These, unfortunately, contribute to hair damage that can lead to unhealthy hair. 

According to Daniella de Leon-Gaguan, the R&D Country Lead for Unilever Philippines Beauty and Wellbeing, hair damage is more common than we think. 

Apparently, 74% of Filipinas have experienced surface hair damage that leads to dry, rough, and frizzy hair, and internal hair damage that leads to hair fall and split ends.

The good news is that there are ways we can reverse the worrying effects of hair damage by having a proper hair care routine.r

Ahead, hair experts shared some tips and tricks to spruce up your hair care routine, leaving your tresses to look healthier and more beautiful.

Tip no. 1: Acknowledge that hair and scalp conditions are real

The first step that we must do is to acknowledge and accept that hair and scalp conditions are very real.

In fact, hair damage is more than just having split ends. It can also be manifested in the form of hair breakage, leaving us with dry, frizzy, and unhealthy-looking hair. And worst of all, we may experience thinning in the hair strands and our hair feeling brittle and crunchy.

Dove hair care

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Bea Chan-Benavidez, acknowledging the fact that your hair has these kinds of problems can lead us to take proactive and necessary steps to manage hair damage and restore its health over time.

Now, it may sound terrifying to talk about these problems but hey, it’s the first step to fixing them and giving our hair the TLC it needs.

Tip no. 2: Wash your hair regularly

The simplest step we can incorporate into our hair routine is to maintain proper hygiene. And what better way to start practicing proper hygiene than washing your hair regularly?

You’ve probably heard that frequent washing of hair can be damaging, but according to Dr. Bea, it’s not generally bad.

“Because of the hot and humid weather, as well as exposure to pollution during your commute to work and school, there would be a buildup of dirt and oil on your hair and scalp. This can subsequently lead to dandruff and bad odor,” she explained.

“So, you should basically start [your hair care routine] with observing proper hygiene such as washing your hair regularly, and the rest will follow,” Dr. Bea added.

Tip no. 3: Take good care of your scalp

Having a good skincare routine is important, but do you know what’s also equally important? Maintaining a good scalp care routine.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber said that one of the most common things people neglect to do is to take care of their scalp. When neglected, it can lead to serious scalp conditions.

“When your hair is damaged, a lot of it can also happen to your scalp,” Dr. Mara said. “You can experience dryness and oiliness. It can also be itchy, and irritated, and may experience redness. Those are the signs that you need to take care of your scalp.”

Dr. Mara added that one of the scalp conditions commonly experienced by people is dandruff and half of the population has it.

“If you have dandruff, you have to focus on having a healthy scalp and hair,” Dr. Mara explained. “This is why everyone has to invest in scalp and hair care because by doing so, you can prevent dandruff from developing. You have to be proactive with your scalp and hair care.”

Tip no. 4: Choose hair products that have zero compromise 

The first three tips are all essential to fight the worrying effects of hair damage. But the most important element in your hair care routine is to invest in hair products that not only make your hair smoother and softer but also stronger and better.

It’s critical in a hair care routine to choose the right hair products that offer the best damage repair ingredients with zero compromises.

Gone are the days that we have to compromise our hair because Dove has introduced their most superior technology to date: The Keratin Tri Silk Serum Shampoo and 1 Minute Serum Conditioner.

“Dove’s hair damage solutions have a potent combination of powerful ingredients that repair both internal and external damage,” Daniella said. “It delivers damage care in three ways: instant, progressive, and resilient and protective. And we clinically tested it across all kinds of damage, even the worst forms.”

Dove’s full range of hair care products includes four products that are formulated with revolutionary ingredients and superior technology.

The first in the product range is the Dove Straight and Silky Regimen which contains Keratin Tri-Silk Serum that instantly repairs damaged hair and protects and deeply nourishes it, leaving your hair extra beautiful.

Dove hair care

The second is the Dove Intense Repair Regimen which is designed to deeply repair hair damage, leaving your hair’s internal structure reconstructed.

Dove hair care

The third from this revolutionary product range is Dove Dermacare Scalp Hairfall Recovery. It’s Dove’s Dermatogically-tested Anti-Dandruff formula that not only removes 100% dandruff, but also reduces hair fall. 

Dove hair care

Lastly, Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture offers zero compromise, which removes 100% dandruff while leaving your hair smoother and your scalp nourished and dandruff-free.

“It’s always good if the [hair] product goes beyond. The product should not only fight dandruff but also take care of and protect your scalp. You want your hair to be also manageable, smooth, and soft—and that’s what I mean by zero compromises,” Dr. Mara explained.

So, if you’re looking for hair products that ensure protection from all kinds of damage and still make them smoother and stronger, and most importantly, healthier, look no more because Dove is here.

Restore your hair’s health and protect them from all kinds of damage and also find solutions to avoid and fight dandruff with Dove.

All products mentioned are available in supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, and e-commerce channels nationwide. For more information, visit and follow their Facebook page. BrandRoom/LR

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