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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Kim “V” Taehyung
Kim “V” Taehyung for “Layover” | via BIG HIT MUSIC and HYBE LABELS

V goes low and slow in “Layover”



After impressing with his solo debut with the tracks “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days,” we were left hanging and yearning for more. At last, we now have the full vision. Kim “V” Taehyung dazzles in his latest EP “Layover.” It may not be the sound that we’re quite used to from his performances with the global boy band BTS, yet it is a welcome deviation. Not to mention, it’s the perfect soundtrack for today’s cuddle weather.

In this edition of the Listening Party, here are our picks from V’s “Layover.”

Rainy Days

V on the street
Feelings of loneliness and stagnation shine through in “Layover”

Atmospheric and moody, a stage set through the use of white noise and sounds heard in daily life, in conjunction with the piano and V’s soulful and deep tone, “Rainy Days” perfectly captures the feeling of longing and stagnation in the background of a rainy, gloomy day.  

Remember how I used to make you laugh the most / I have no right to say this, but / Let me make up for all the time we lost / We can start again, open all the doors / Don’t tell me it’s over, we can start it over / You’re my four-leaf clover / Yeah, I can feel your touch, I remember your kiss / Those hurtful words, and I miss you

Love Me Again

Kim “V” Taehyung for “Layover”
Kim “V” Taehyung for “Layover”

As I mentioned in my previous Listening Party entry for this track, “Love Me Again” is “stagnant, perhaps a thematic decision, harking back to the feeling of monotony the lyrics speak of.” However, that being said, in contrast with the rest of the EP, the title is actually the most engaging to the ears. In a sea of stripped-down and soulful sounds, the song presents the most playful melody both in its vocals and instrumental. Frankly, its groove presents somewhat of a respite from the overwhelming downtrodden feeling the entire project exudes.

You left me / Took those memories with you / But even now, I can’t let you go, let you go / Is that all you have to say? / One word, that’s it? / If ever you regret this / Won’t you let me know? Let me know?

For Us

Kim “V” Taehyung with his pet dog Kim Yeontan for “Layover”
Kim “V” Taehyung with his pet dog Kim Yeontan for “Layover”

Pitched up vocal chops. That’s all. “​​For Us” is by far the least lyrically impressive on the EP, however, everything else simply makes up for it. The slowed-down tempo, the bass, the muted drums, and the choral arrangement behind V’s lead vocals, amounts to a body of work that can be likened to something from the likes of The Weeknd, Pink Sweat$, and HONNE.

You went from my home to / It was nice to know you / And it breaks my heart / That we gave it our best shot / Now you’re in California / I’m still waitin’ for ya / Will you change your mind? / I would give it all up / For us

Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)

Nevertheless, “Layover,” despite the gloominess it holds, also contains emotions of longing and nostalgia
Nevertheless, “Layover,” despite the gloominess it holds, also contains emotions of longing and nostalgia

It’s a matter of preference regarding the focus track for “Layover.” Both the original and the piano version of “Slow Dancing” are great listens, however, an instrumental centered around the piano simply works better, especially within the context of a slow dance. 

Turnin’ me up and back off like this / What do you want? Do you not like it? / Stop teasin’ me, girl / Now, you made me leave my heart out here / Step on me and I’ll lift you up / Find someone new again (Got it on, did you?) / We were so much alike / Now we’re just distant neighbors

Lyrics and English translations courtesy of Genius

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