Pamper yourself with Bioderm Bloom: Your all-in-one self-care solution

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The “Nourish your Skin, Let It Bloom” event, presented by Bioderm, embodied a haven for self-care, and a journey into accessible healthy-looking skin. On the radiant afternoon of October 21, 2023, the Ayala Malls Manila Bay Activity Center came alive as health and beauty enthusiasts gathered for this remarkable occasion.

Bioderm Bloom
Health and Beauty influencers came together at Bioderm’s “Nourish your Skin, Let it Bloom” event to explore a sanctuary of self-care and embark on a journey into accessible healthy-looking skin.

This grand celebration of health and beauty was focused on unveiling the new and improved Bioderm Bloom soap, now with Vita Oil, poised to transform skin pampering + germ protection. The event marked the fusion of beauty, cleanliness, and affordability, ensuring a blossoming experience for everyone in attendance.

A journey from gloom to bloom

Bioderm Bloom
Dr. Katrina Habaluyas Luz (Far Left) , along with three influential guests Lenni Aycardo (2nd from left) Valerie Tan (3nd from left) Trina Candaza (4th from left) , spearheaded an enlightening discussion on essential skin pampering and self-care rituals with host Carla Barretto (far right) .
Bioderm Bloom
In Photo: Ms. Jen Barangan with the new and improved Bioderm, now with Vita Oil.
Bioderm Bloom
In photo: Health and Beauty Influencer Ms. Alliah Racelis.
In photo: Eve Luna spotted at Bioderm Bloom’s Event Launch

The event was abuzz with captivating activities tailored to satisfy the desire for clean and healthy skin. At the “Bloom Check Booth,” attendees had the opportunity to assess their skin color and receive personalized insights into their skin-care requirements. Furthermore, participants could indulge in the enchantment of the “LinisKinis Station,” demonstrating how Bioderm Bloom, now with Vita Oil, not only offers germ protection but also moisturizes your skin for that #LinisNaNakakaKinis after-bath feel.

The “Gloom to Bloom” wall offered an engaging platform for attendees to share their transformative stories, fostering connections with dermatologists and enabling discussions on fundamental skin care practices and the advantages of moisturizing. Dr. Katrina Habaluyas Luz, along with three influential guests, spearheaded an enlightening discussion on essential skin pampering and self-care rituals.

One-stop skin pampering solution

Influencers gathered to an enlightening discussion on essential pampering and self-care rituals.

The heart of the event was unveiling the new and improved Bioderm Bloom with Vita Oil. The event highlighted the novel formula that empowers users to feel clean and blooming simultaneously, all at an affordable price. Bioderm Bloom’s unique proposition is its dual role – being gentle and caring through its moisturizing benefits while offering reliable germ protection.

Attendees reveled in the revelation that they no longer needed to buy an additional soap for beauty needs, making Bioderm Bloom with Vita Oil the ultimate one-stop solution. The product is readily available at local supermarkets and sari-sari stores, making it convenient and accessible for every Filipino’s pamper time essentials.

Bioderm Bloom with Vita Oil brings the beauty of Farnesol into play – it’s like your skin’s best friend with super antibacterial powers. Think of it as your bodyguard against those nasty germs that can make you sick and smell not-so-great. And the best part? It keeps working round the clock without irritating your skin. Plus, the magic touch of Vita Oil in Bioderm Bloom leaves your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and fully shielded from those pesky germs. It’s a beauty and wellness combo that’s got you covered.

Discover Bioderm Bloom in sizes of 60g, 90g, and 135g. Don’t miss out on the fantastic box of 3 and box of 5 deals available at Bioderm’s Shopee store. For the latest updates and skincare tips, visit Bioderm’s Facebook Page. Your journey to beautiful, healthy-looking skin starts here!

The “Nourish your Skin, Let It Bloom” event with Bioderm Bloom marked a remarkable leap forward in the world of germicidal soaps and skincare. It showcased a product that is set to redefine beauty routines for Filipinas, promising gentleness, care, reliability, and affordability, all wrapped up in a convenient package. With the new and improved Bioderm Bloom, you don’t need to compromise on beauty or cleanliness – you can have both. After all, #BidaKaBastaBioderm.


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