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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The secret behind Kuya Show’s fitness journey
Show enjoys rock-climbing and bouldering. —KAHLIL CALAMIONG
The secret behind KuyaShow’s fitness journey
Show with Gonta — KAHLIL CALAMIONG

Ask Show Suzuki what he does and he’ll tell you, “Minsan host, minsan VO artist, pero madalas yaya ni Gonta. ”

The 34-year-old event host, voice-over artist and loving fur dad of an adorable chow chow is also a popular content creator, known to Pinoy TikTok as Kuya Show. “I’m still working on making my dog famous online so I can retire early,” he told Lifestyle. “Since I’m not quite there yet, I’ve been hosting events, creating content and doing voice-overs for different clients.”

Suzuki, who’s half-Korean and half-Japanese but describes himself as “sometimes 100-percent Pinoy” (“Amoy sinigang dugo ko—my blood smells like sinigang,” he says) has also been on a successful fitness journey. “People seem to be noticing my weight loss a lot—18 kg, to be exact.”

The secret behind KuyaShow’s fitness journey
Show enjoys rock-climbing and bouldering. —KAHLIL CALAMIONG

It was debilitating back pain that inspired him to get healthier. “I’ve been suffering from spinal stenosis for years now and the extra weight plus a weak core always makes it worse.”

He added, “Getting into a relationship with someone that regularly works out also inspired me to take my fitness journey a bit more seriously. I’m very competitive.”

“I’ve always been a relatively active person but never a proper gym-goer. I just don’t have the discipline for it. Instead I try to find activities that are less mundane.”

In this week’s Fitness Diaries, he shares his secrets to staying healthy.

The secret behind KuyaShow’s fitness journey
Show before (L) and after —CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

My fitness routine/ regimen: It’s pretty straightforward. I try to boulder three or four times a week. I usually spend three hours there doing as many intervals as my fingers will allow.

My favorite workouts and forms of exercise: As someone who gets bored really quickly and is way too lazy for traditional gyms, bouldering and rock-climbing are the only forms of exercise I’ve been able to be consistent with. I also have severe spinal stenosis and three busted discs on my spine so my choices are very limited.

I work out at: Power Up Climbing Gyms

My fitness essentials/must-haves: Climbing shoes for when I’m bouldering and a harness for when I do rope climbs.

My workout playlist: The “Hamilton” soundtrack. A bunch of J-Pop stuff

Do you stick to a strict diet? NO. I am really bad at this. Food is life. Just kidding, I have tried cutting down on my sugar intake but other than that I still eat a lot. I try to fast once in a while as I hear intermittent fasting can be beneficial for your overall health.

What I usually eat in a day: Lots of veggies. Not because I’m on a diet, but because I love vegetables! Garlic broccoli, kimchi, a variety of salads and lots of rice. Veggie ba yung rice? Char.

What’s off-limits: Bad boys. Char. Sweets. I try to control my portions lang but wouldn’t necessarily say they’re “off-limits.”

Do you have cheat days? How often? Nope. Loyal ako. Char.

What keeps me motivated: Hmm… having a very fit boyfriend. No joke, nakaka-pressure ‘yan minsan. Being on-cam a lot also encourages me to take a bit more care of my appearance in general.

How the pandemic affected my fitness routine: I couldn’t climb at all, so not only did I gain a bunch of weight, my spinal stenosis acted up and there were days I could barely get out of bed because I was in so much pain.

Tips for people who want to get healthier: Find a fit jowa. Jokes aside, your environment and the people you surround yourself with have a huge influence on your lifestyle. Find others who are either on a fitness journey you are compatible with or who want to start one just like you!

If you find the gym life boring, too, definitely focus more on fun and accessible activities that you can integrate into your regular schedule. INQ

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