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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Art by Mikiyo Ricamora.
Art by Mikiyo Ricamora.

Prioritize opulence in your skincare routine as you settle into your space at SMDC Gold Residences



From serums to masks, the allure of gold has captivated skincare enthusiasts and beauty aficionados alike. But what exactly are the benefits of incorporating this precious metal into your skincare routine? 

When we think of gold, images of lavish luxury come to mind. However, gold’s association with beauty goes far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Gold has a rich history in skincare, dating back centuries. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and the Chinese recognized its benefits for skin. Today, gold continues to shine in the skincare industry, with brands harnessing its properties to create products that enhance the complexion and combat the signs of aging.

The allure of gold transcends beyond skincare, finding its essence in the architectural masterpiece of SMDC Gold Residences, with designs by Singaporean-based luxury hotel architect, Michael Fiebrich Design. 

Just as the gold-infused skincare products promise an elevated beauty routine, SMDC Gold Residences embodies a lifestyle steeped in luxury—offering residents an experience akin to the radiance and indulgence found in these skincare selections.

SMDC Gold Residences
Just as gold-infused skincare products promise an elevated beauty routine, SMDC Gold Residences embodies a lifestyle steeped in luxury.

Here are our hand-picked selections of gold-infused skincare products, and how they can make you glow when you walk into a room at SMDC Gold Residences.



Come home glowing with La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate (₱46,600.00)

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate
La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate.

Renowned for its innovative and effective products, La Prairie’s Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate is worth considering if you are looking to enhance your skincare routine in an extravagant way. 

This Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate stimulates collagen production with a lightweight texture that provides instant hydration, without leaving an oily residue. Its rich, silky formulation is reminiscent of a serum. This serum serves as an excellent base for makeup, ensuring a flawless canvas for any makeup looks.

SMDC Gold Residences
Make a striking statement with glowing skin hard to miss when you walk into the gold-toned lobby of SMDC Gold Residences.

The product has golden particles that create a reflective effect, adding a touch of radiance to the skin’s surface. At SMDC Gold Residences,mimagine pairing the rejuvenating effects of this concentrate with an experience that echoes the same standards of luxurious modern living.


Bring the seaside home with Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion (₱18,050.00)

Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion
Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion.

Try La Mer’s Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion if you’re looking to improve dry and dull skin. Designed to accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process, this cream-infused, watery lotion uses sea-sourced energies that strengthen the skin.

The Miracle Broth empowers five healing facets: moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing, and radiance. Created by physicist Dr. Max Huber after a lab accident, the Miracle Broth was developed to help heal his severe burns. 

The Miracle Broth is made from hand-harvested sea kelp, nutrients, and minerals and claims that its power lies in the natural fermentation process, which boosts the efficacy of individual ingredients and enables them to work synergistically.

SMDC Gold pool
Water is lauded for its healing properties. The many amenities and sprawling pool at SMDC Gold Residences bring the experience of the sea with the Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion.

This unique fermentation process created with rare red algae, refined 24-karat gold, and infused with waves of light, helps to boost the skin’s natural collagen production and bring a new look to life.

Just as the infused lotion transforms dry, dull skin, imagine living in a residence with amenities that bring to mind the healing powers of water and the sea—ultimately designed for renewal and revitalization. 


Gleam with nature’s brightening effects in Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil ( ₱6,790.00)

Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil
Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil.

Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is a multi-tasking beauty oil that offers numerous benefits for both skin and hair, perfect for those looking to nourish their holistic beauty. 

Made from the seeds of the camellia flower that grows on the Oshima and Kagoshima Islands, Japanese camellia oil (Tsubaki) is a featherweight botanical oil, prized in Asia for centuries for its superb moisturizing and antioxidant activity. 

It is richer in oleic acid than olive oil and is an excellent source of vitamins and nourishing omega fatty acids, that aid in the nourishment of your skin from the inside out. Its abundance of antioxidants targets free radicals and environmental pollutants, leading to an overall brightening effect. With crushed 24-karat gold flakes, the fast-absorbing formula imparts a subtle gleam on the skin. 

SMDC Gold Residences
To complement the beauty oil with organic ingredients, the shimmering walkways of SMDC Gold Residences are lined by foliage that also naturally rejuvenates the skin.

The versatility of this beauty oil extends to the face, hair, and body, providing various benefits. Likewise, SMDC Gold residences adapt to your lifestyle, offering a versatile and luxurious environment tailored to suit different aspects of your daily life.


Restore your energy with Cle de Peau Precious Gold Vitality Mask (₱16,800.00)

Cle de Peau Precious Gold Vitality Mask
Cle de Peau Precious Gold Vitality Mask.

Clé de Peau Precious Gold Vitality Mask is an effective face mask highly recommended for those looking to recharge their complexion. This 24K gold-infused face mask is rich in antioxidants and designed to replenish fatigued, stressed skin with high-quality ingredients.

Even after a long, stressful day, the 24k gold infusion developed within this mask enhances the skin’s ability to look bright and awake. Users have reported that the mask leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and radiant. The mask’s creamy, lightweight texture dries down to a transparent, shimmery gold mask, leaving a glowing appearance.

SMDC Gold Residences
Lounge in the Gold Residences lobby confidently with your skin radiant and clear, showcasing your natural beauty.

Much like the rejuvenation of the gilded skincare mask, SMDC Gold Residence provides a consistent and convenient haven for rejuvenation, in a space where every day feels like a treat for the senses.


Celebrate with Guerlain 24K Parure Gold Radiance Primer (₱5,000.00)

Guerlain 24K Parure Gold Radiance Primer
Guerlain 24K Parure Gold Radiance Primer.

Guerlain 24K Parure Gold Radiance Primer is a high-performing primer for those seeking a smooth complexion. Infused with pure, 24-karat gold flakes, the primer not only adds a beautiful glow but also adds anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the appearance of pores and imperfections.

Providing 24-hour hydration this primer with a gel texture lifts and tightens the skin into a supple, satiny appearance, making it an ideal base for makeup application. 

SMDC Gold function rooms
Show off your flawless skin and hold stellar celebrations in the gilded function rooms of Gold Residences.

Guerlain’s primer epitomizes a lifestyle of luxury, just as the functions in SMDC Gold Residences offer a space for celebration. The modern gold designs are prepped to celebrate your living space, which like your skin, looks and feels its best. 


Just as the allure of gold-infused skincare products captivates beauty enthusiasts seeking a touch of splendor, SMDC Gold Residences too stands as a beacon of luxury, promising residents a lifestyle that embodies the essence of radiant elegance, elevating living standards to new heights.

SMDC Gold is located at the transportation hub in Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Brgy. Sto. Nino, Paranaque City. Learn more about SMDC Gold Residences here and elevate life to #TheSMDCGoldStandard.

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