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OCTOBER 27, 2022

TropAfrica in Botswana: Nix Alanon, Sea Princess, Gai Olivares, Rajo Laurel, Rosan Cruz, Malu Gamboa-Lindo and Mon Lindo
TropAfrica in Botswana: Nix Alanon, Sea Princess, Gai Olivares, Rajo Laurel, Rosan Cruz, Malu Gamboa-Lindo and Mon Lindo
TropAfrica in Botswana: Nix Alanon, Sea Princess, Gai Olivares, Rajo Laurel, Rosan Cruz, Malu Gamboa-Lindo and Mon Lindo
TropAfrica in Botswana: Nix Alanon, Sea Princess, Gai Olivares, Rajo Laurel, Rosan Cruz, Malu Gamboa-Lindo and Mon Lindo

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” —Søren Kierkegaard

In the quest for love, we often find ourselves focusing on external factors we would like to have instead of truly zoning in on our core happiness from within. In this way of thinking, we could create a reality that is meaningful and peaceful, the wonderful life we desire.

In my present story, I am discovering more of the beauty of this world and I have rediscovered Botswana. Our first TropAfrica trip to Africa 20 years ago included Mombo Safari Camp in Botswana. It was such a life-changing experience and truly began my love for this incredible continent. I have often said that God lives in Africa and His creations are ever alive in the vastness of this unbelievable landscape.

The Okavango Delta is referred to as “God’s paradise on Earth,” without exaggeration. This massive inland delta in Botswana is a true natural wonder, teeming with diverse wildlife with expansive flood plains and rich topography.

Sea Princess and Leah Carin-gal in Botswana in 2018
Sea Princess and Leah Caringal in Botswana in 2018


Humbling reminder

We explored the Khwai Reserve run by Natural Selection. This dynamic ecosystem is a haven for an incredible array of species, from majestic elephants and hippos, to all kinds of antelopes and elusive leopards. The delta boasts one of the most concentrated populations of wildlife in Africa, making it one of the best safari and birding destinations. In fact, BFF roomie Rosan Cruz and I became “birders” spotting different kinds of small birds, from lilac-breasted rollers and hornbills to bigger ones like brown snake eagles and Marabou storks.

We were lucky, as we were told of the heat wave and the delta water level would be low. Instead, we were greeted with a cool breeze in the morning and chilly evenings throughout our stay. The water level was deep enough so we were able to explore the delta in a traditional dugout canoe, called the mokoro. It was also raining so we experienced a different scene at the afternoon game drive. The delta is also home to several indigenous communities, including the Batswana and San people, who have lived in the area for centuries and have a deep connection to the land and its resources.

The Okavango Delta is a protected United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) World Heritage Site, and the local government and conservation organizations are committed to preserving its unique ecosystem and wildlife.

TropAfrica travelers with safari guide KG Bapute and TuludiCamp chef and staff
TropAfrica travelers with safari guide KG Bapute and Tuludi Camp chef and staff

The delta’s serene beauty and abundant biodiversity are a humbling reminder of the majesty of the natural world. We are so honored and grateful to be here as a place that inspires wonder, reverence and a deep appreciation for the delicate balance of life.

This is my third visit to Botswana, and it is still as exciting as the first time. My second trip was to Jack’s Camp with my good friend Leah Caringal. It was arranged by A2A Safaris many years ago. I have been hit by the African bug and will only travel with them. I am looking forward to attending their upcoming event on learning about Tanzania.

Being in Africa during the migration is a bucket-list target. A2A Safaris is inviting Erasto Macha, one of Tanzania’s leading walking safari guides who calls the Serengeti his home. Erasto, who regularly tracks the millions of wildebeest on their annual migration around the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, explains why the wildebeest migration is the greatest show on earth.

Erasto’s daily routine might include observing the hunting strategy of cheetah on the Serengeti plains or waiting in patient, teeth-gritting anticipation on the banks of the Mara River, as several thousand wildebeest make a death-defying crossing amongst the crocodile. Please check their Instagram (@a2asafaris) for more details on this event on April 18.

Gai Olivares and Malu Gam-boa-Lindo in traditional dug-
out canoe
Gai Olivares and Malu Gamboa-Lindo in traditional dug-out canoe

Luxurious skin-care line

To keep my skin hydrated here in the desert and in the delta, I made sure to bring the latest range of Clé de Peau Beauté skin care with me to Africa. The luxury line was launched at an exclusive event at Raffles Makati. Their highly coveted Synactif range was highlighted at an intimate gathering and provided an opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the Japanese skin-care brand’s most luxurious skin-care line.

I joined the first session along with Tim Yap, Grace Barbers-Baja, Aliza Apostol-Goco, Maritess Garcia-Reyes (Tatler) and Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon (Mega).

The event commenced with an introduction to Synactif by Nicole Salvador, marketing executive at Clé de Peau Beauté. She delved into the technology of the Synactif range that focuses on lymphatic capillaries as key to skin’s regeneration, given its role of collecting and discharging impurities. Supporting lymphatic capillaries becomes more important during and after one’s 40s, when the rate of loss in lymphatic capillaries dramatically increases.

Attendees then witnessed a demonstration led by senior retail and training manager Yricka dela Peña-Caluya together with personal beauty specialist Reilyn Mendoza. The highlight was a tutorial for the custom-created Clé de Peau Beauté face and décolleté massage techniques, designed to enhance lymphatic flow, induce relaxation and sculpt facial contours. The effects of the massages are complemented by the technology in Synactif.

Rajo Laurel, safari guide KGBapute, Tuludi Camp butler
Lorgie with “tapsilog”
Rajo Laurel, safari guide KG Bapute, Tuludi Camp butler Lorgie with “tapsilog”


The Synactif regimen begins with removing impurities and makeup with the Soap, followed by the Lotion, a hydrating liquid that replenishes skin with rich, dewy moisture, and the Hydratant Jour (Daytime Moisturizer), which supports skin’s self-beautifying system.

Come evening, switch to the Hydratant Nuit, an evening moisturizer that helps skin’s reparative ability and cares for damage. For a resilience boost, apply the Crème Yeux (Eye Cream) or the Synactif Eye Mask on days when you need special care.

The Crème is the centerpiece of the Synactif range that powerfully revitalizes the skin with a high concentration of the Purifying Beauty Complex to achieve newfound firmness, resilience and an overall youthful, sculpted look.

“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: Without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh, ” wrote the poet Rumi. Just like the world in bloom in springtime, we have this beautiful time of the year to fill ourselves with hope, peace, love and abundance.

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Frank and Rosie O’Halloranof Sydney
Frank and Rosie O’Halloran of Sydney



Leopard, one of the Big 5
Leopard, one of the Big 5


Lions at Khwai Reserve
Lions at Khwai Reserve


Big Sky travel Wi-Fi
Big Sky travel Wi-Fi


Sundowner by the OkavangoDelta hosted by A2A Safaris
Sundowner by the Okavango Delta hosted by A2A Safaris


Clé de Peau Beauté’s Synactif skin-care line


Personal beauty specialistReilyn Mendoza with model
Abby Tabladillo
Personal beauty specialist Reilyn Mendoza with model Abby Tabladillo
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