Skincare meets science in Aesop's art gallery experience

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Aesop Philippines

Using petri dishes on overhead projectors, Aesop unveiled their latest skincare addition in an art gallery experience


Remember those overhead projectors in high school? The teacher would place transparent acetate sheets with diagrams and drawings for lessons. Last weekend, Aesop Philippines hosted an immersive “sensorial experience” at Art Cube Gallery, introducing their latest addition to the Skincare+ line: The Immaculate Facial Tonic. 

In an intimate gathering, the gallery was transformed into a tasteful scientist’s lab, filled with transparent beakers and test tubes on metal shelves—some holding olive-colored water—with the tonic sandwiched in between.

Aesop Philippines
The gallery was transformed into a tasteful scientist’s lab, filled with transparent beakers and test tubes on metal shelves

Beyond the welcome room, visitors were transported back to grade school science class with an unexpected visual representation. The room was littered with old-school projectors, evoking memories of teachers writing notes and diagrams on acetates in front of the classroom.

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The first projector showcased Aesop’s refillable glass bottles—vessels that oppose plastic and embody the brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality through their distinct, transparent chestnut designs. 

Afterward, a demonstration on the second projector showed petri dishes depicting each of Aesop’s skincare formulations, highlighting their movements with water samples. Each product was dropped onto the water with a pipette. This depicted preparing the skin for further hydration, just like the tonic. Watching remnants of vitamin-enriched replenishment really harkened back to middle school science class.

The last projector delved deeper, showcasing how all the elements interact together, with a bubbly representation of cleansers and toners helping to clarify and balance the skin.

Aesop Philippines
The skincare workshop

After the visual representation, attendees experienced a sample skincare routine. Following a brief history of toner (vinegar was once used as an early tonic), faces were washed with Aesop’s gentle cleansing milk, subtly scented with sweet sandalwood.

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Since Aesop’s first toner in 2002, the ever-popular Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner, the brand has steadily expanded their selection to meet varying skin types. This latest toner, released in the Philippines on May 27, 2024, marks a vitamin-rich addition with niacinamide and panthenol to soften the skin as well as an enzyme extract for gentle exfoliation. The product is suitable for many skin types and gentle enough for daily use.


Aesop Philippines’ major event of the year seems to be marked by this sensorial experience, which seems to draw inspiration from French perfume designer Barnabé Fillon’s “Othertopias” fragrance collection and his sense of nostalgia, showcasing the consistently artful links that Aesop creates not just in their product, but in their presentation. 

When least expected, with such a visual representation of skincare and the finer points of science, Aesop once again creates an artful experience in the promotion of quality, holistic self-care.

‘The Immaculate Facial Tonic’ is available online via Aesop Philippines’s website, and in-store at Aesop Greenbelt, SM Aura, and Powerplant Mall. 

All photos courtesy of Aesop Philippines. Special thanks to Lex Celera. 

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