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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Those born with long thick eyelashes notice that as they hit their 30s, the lashes become shorter, the strands thinner, with gaps in between, and the color lighter.

Those who never had really them in the first place get refused when they ask for extensions since there will be nothing for the extenders to cling to; moreover, the lash curler pinches more skin than it does lashes.

Mascara also smudges and smears.

Is there anything out there that will actually help women grow longer, thicker, denser and darker eyekashes?

Yes—Allergan Latisse (P8,000;  tel. 4033245). The active ingredient is Bimatoprost, which is used treat glaucoma and whose side effect are longer, thicker, darker and denser eyelashes.  Considered a drug, you need prescription to get it.

What it does: It extends the growth phase while strengthening and nourishing the lashes so that they get to grow to maximum length without breaking, until they fall off and get replaced by better eyelashes.

It has been reported that the results are immediate and dramatic and as early as eight weeks.

When you hit desired length and thickness, use only two times a week for maintenance so you do not get immune to the product and the supply lasts longer.

Downside:  When you stop using the treatment, lashes fall off and go back to original state.

I know users whose lashes hit their eyebrow after curling.  I tried this on my lower lashes first and they became as long as my upper lashes although not as dense and dark.

In three weeks I doubled the eyelash strands between my curler. They became darker. The shorter lashes at the sides grew to match my middle lashes in length and the gaps in between were filled up.

Revitalash eyelash treatments

The strands were spider legs thick when they finally fell off in their regular cycle (You can do away with mascara altogether.)

The treatment come with disposable brushes to prevent eye infection but I find that they waste too much so I got an eyeliner brush with Taklon bristles so application is precisely by the lash line. Please sanitize them before and after every use and do not use them for other products.

Reported side effects: 1. Iris becomes darker as those with blue/green eyes have discovered brown flecks in them that may be permanent.  2. Lids become brown or several shades darker than the rest of the face. 3. When stopped, Latisse lashes fall out and lashes go back to their old sorry state and sometimes, with bigger gaps and tiny uneven length lashes. Do not use more than once a day as it won’t boost results in any way plus you run the risk of being immune to it that it stops working for you after 12 weeks.

Other treatments

Bimatoprost-free treatments is slower. You won’t notice much of a difference the first month but when you apply defining (not volume or lengthening) mascara, you realize you have more lashes and that they are definitely longer.

Revitalash (P7,500; tel. 8192356, 6879118 ) was formulated by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife who lost her eyelashes during chemotherapy.  His treatment used to have bimatoprost but he reformulated it when Allergan sued for patent infringement.

The version I tried filled in the gaps of lashes I pulled out accidentally after only three weeks with once daily application. I did not get tarantula lashes but after eight weeks, people noticed the change and asked  if I had individual falsies planted.

Rogze Renew (about P3,500; tel. 672-3599) is designed to be used twice a day—upon waking up and before going to bed—on the root of clean bare lashes like liquid eyeliner.  Apply eye make-up after 10 minutes to make sure product has dried and been absorbed.  The effect you get after 12 weeks: simple-look eyelash extensions that need mascara for extra drama.

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