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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SWEET-SPICY Chicken Wings

Most of us are familiar with “chicken lollipop,” chicken wings with the meat all pushed to the top so that the lower part of the chicken bone is bare and looks like the stick of a lollipop. Chicken lollipops are often served in children’s parties and as cocktail food.

If you’re tired of chicken wings served that way, try this variation. First, cut off the tips of the chicken wings and discard them. Then, separate the wings at the joint. This will give you two pieces, one of which is like a mini-chicken drumstick, or what is sometimes called “chicken drumette.”

Marinated in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce, the wings are then lightly floured and fried. These chicken wings are great as an appetizer, as pica-pica (with beer or your favorite drink) and even as baon.

Sweet-Spicy Chicken Wings

(Makes 3-4 servings)

  • ½ k whole chicken wings
  • ¼ c sweet chili sauce
  • ¼ c hoisin sauce
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 c flour
  • 2-3 c cooking oil

Cut off tips of chicken wings and discard them. Separate the wings at the joints (you should have two pieces per wing, one of which is a drumette or a mini-chicken drumstick). In a bowl, combine sweet chili sauce and hoisin sauce. Marinate chicken in mixture for at least 30 minutes (keep in refrigerator if marinating longer).

When ready to cook, season the chicken lightly with salt and pepper. Dredge in flour. In a frying pan, heat cooking oil to high then lower to medium. Add the chicken wings and fry the first side about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn wings over and fry other side for 1 to 2 more minutes or until wings are fully cooked. Transfer wings to a large plate lined with paper towels or absorbent paper so the excess oil gets absorbed.

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Cook’s tips:

When removing the wing tips and separating the joints, make sure no sharp bones are left protruding from the wings and the drumettes. Wash them well to remove any remaining gristle or loose bone. Pat dry before marinating.

Be sure the oil is hot enough before adding the chicken. To test the oil, stick a barbecue skewer into the oil. If the oil sizzles, it’s hot enough to be used for frying.

Fry the chicken wings in batches so as not to overcrowd the pan.

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