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Karma Connections by Dadhichi Toth—Week commencing Aug 19th, 2012

Jennifer Aniston at a crossroads, but on the way up


Intense emotional and intellectual energies highlight the current situation Jennifer finds herself in. And, despite her recent engagement, she should be careful not to be too hasty in tying that final knot.


Over the next couple of years, she will be working at releasing much of the past energies that punctuated her relationships, not the least being her highly publicized split with Brad Pitt.


With Mars fast approaching a professional zone, she can also expect an upliftment in her career very shortly. This is looking to be a very satisfying period for Jennifer.




You’re confused about your role in a relationship at present. Rhis is because you’re not thinking clearly. Stop doing the same thing if it is not working. Analyze what you really want and then act on those insights. This is the only way to improve your love life.




An emotional connection to someone just now satisfies you deeply. However, the general consensus due to cultural or religious opposition may make it difficult to you to comfortably enjoy a relationship in your usual peer group situation. You need to be true to yourself, irrespective of other people’s opinions.




Your idealism should be trusted at this time, and you should not settle for anything less than what you spiritually believe is your birthright, especially when it comes to relationships. Lucky Jupiter continues to shine its beneficial face on your romance, so stick to your guns.




As Venus transits your Sun sign, you will feel so much more confidence in yourself and the attention you’re receiving. Use this as the perfect opportunity to lift your emotional and romantic position to a much better state of affairs in the coming week.




You have three or four days in which to make a lasting impression on someone you may have met recently. The cultural differences may be apparent, but love is supposed to be unconditional, so don’t be afraid to give new friendships your best shot. There should be a lot of fun coming your way.




If you’re trying to sort out a relationship problem, emotional reactions will only cloud the issue. Take a step back and think clearly, rationally about where you stand and where you wish to be. Making a hard decision now is in everyone’s best interests, even if it seems like people are going to get hurt in the process.




Your spouse or partner may be acting erratically at this time, and this could cause you to shut down rather than speak up and take steps to help this person rectify his or her behavior. Playing the victim is not advisable now, as this will only entrench this person in continued bad habits.




If you’ve been feeling passionately low-key, expect that to change after the 25th when Mars, one of your ruling planets, re-enters your Sun sign. Expect a noticeable upliftment in your physical appetites. Don’t be too forceful in demanding that your needs be met, though.




Problems with friends should be downplayed the next few days. Superimposing your own issues on others will complicate your relationships. You have a need to remain low-key, so don’t resist what your intuition is telling you is the best course of action just now. Time alone is advised.




You can find common ground with someone you are attracted to just now. Don’t underestimate the importance of compatibility on religious or philosophical issues. You can also think creatively, inspired by someone you meet now or perhaps even your current partner. Enjoy these Venus energies while they last.




Your right to equality in a relationship is being downplayed by you, and this has to be changed if you are to gain the self-respect you know you deserve. The element of surprise may be one way you can dislodge the other person’s attitude, but you should do something about this sooner rather than later.




If the person you love or feel attracted to seems distracted by a third party, the onus is on you to play the game of one-upmanship and be just a little bit more attractive. Nothing will change if you accept that you are merely a second choice. You are better than what you think right now.


Dating a younger guy—are we compatible?


I have been dating a younger guy (Pisces) and things have been good. Despite the age difference (I am a Sagittarian), we get along in a lot of things. There are times when I lack intellectual stimulation, but, aside from that, he is a loving and caring person. I would like to know if things will lead to a more serious relationship and whether things will work out. Are we compatible based on our signs?




M, Manila


Hi M,


You must understand that Pisceans are very emotional creatures and they usually subdue their intellect in favor of intuitive responses. This combination of Zodiac signs is a case of mixed results, and therefore you should be patient to allow him time to express himself intellectually. Unfortunately, this may not be a long-term relationship, but that should not deter you from giving it your best. Good luck.






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