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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Contrary to popular belief that going to the mall can leave one stressed out physically and financially, a trip to the shopping mecca can actually be a hub where one finds relaxation right in the middle of shopaholics. These days, massage chairs can be found lined up in cozy corners of shopping malls offering a respite from the maddening crowd.


Chinese roots


Soothing and definitely budget-friendly, these mechanical massage chairs trace their roots to ancient China. More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a method of healing through touch points performed while the recipient is seated. This discovery spread throughout the Eastern world, primarily in Japan and India, where some of their traditional massage techniques included a form of seated massage as part of the treatment.


In the Western world, Chair Massage was further developed to include different modalities. Parts of shiatsu, anma and trigger-point therapy were incorporated in the treatment. As years passed by and the needs of people evolved, training programs were developed and a protocol was eventually established which allows the service to be offered to everyone, regardless of physical restrictions.


Today, Chair Massage has undergone a lot of innovations but the primary focus remains the same. Just like its ancient predecessor, Chair Massage targets the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.


On-the-spot relief


Among the noticeable benefits one can get from a soothing Chair Massage include a boost in energy and alertness, improvement in circulation, reduction of muscle tension and pain, and prevention of repetitive-stress injuries. Best of all, it offers on-the-spot relaxation suited for people on the go who have little or no time to go to a spa but yearn to relieve stress from the daily grind.


Recipients of this massage sit comfortably in an ergonomically designed portable chair. The face rests in a cradle, looking down toward the floor, while the arms are placed in their own support cradles.


The treatment typically lasts from 10 to 15 minutes without using any massage oil, and clients don’t need to take off their clothes. The massage therapist then relieves muscle tension using Swedish massage moves like kneading and compression. Massage recipients may request for their preferred pressure.




The portability of the massage chair and convenience it offers to clients make Chair Massage extremely popular in the workplace, trade and wellness events and other high-stress locations. Airports are also a common place where Chair Massage is readily available, which is an ideal stress-buster after a long flight or in preparation for a long journey ahead.


Big companies also provide this treatment as a special treat to energize their tired and weary employees. Some companies pay for the entire cost while others split it with their employees. It is a great way to ease muscle tension before it turns into a full-blown spasm.


These days, Chair Massage has become even more accessible with the advent of mechanical massage chairs found in shopping malls. For just a few pesos, one can avail of a soothing massage even without the aid of a therapist. The self-pampering can be a quick five minutes or an immersing 30 minutes depending on one’s available time or loose change to spare.

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