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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SEEING RED. OnHarry: blazer, Henley tee, jeans; on Niall: cardigan, Henley tee, jeans; on Louis: longsleeve buttondown shirt with contrast stitching, jeans; on Zayn: varsity jacket, basic tee, jeans; on Liam: longsleeve buttondown shirt, jeans ALL ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT PENSHOPPE BOUTIQUES THIS MONTH

Don’t expect a serious interview with One Direction. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are naturally goofy and funny—and we liked it. The boys teased Liam about his visible boxers and Louis about his messiness and we joined the fun, getting the boys to spill about each other, their fans, and those crazy carrots and turtles.


Why did you say yes to Penshoppe?


Zayn: We realized on Twitter that we have quite a big following in the Philippines and that we got a lot of fans there so we thought it would be cool to do something that the fans in the Philippines will see.


Niall: And since Penshoppe is such a big big brand in the Philippines, they’ll see us more there.


How was the shoot today?


Harry: It was good. It was long but it was easy.


Liam: We just picked what we wanted and had some fun.


You have a lot of fans in the Philippines, do you have plans of heading there anytime soon?


Harry: Of course. We’re not sure 100 percent exactly when we’re gonna be there.


But you will?


Harry: Yeah of course, of course.


Your first album was incredibly successful, even setting records—do you feel any pressure with the second one coming out soon?


Harry: The second album is the one that everyone says is the hardest, especially with the first one going so well. We’re obviously nervous but now that we’ve finished the album, we’re happy with it.


But has seeing how well the first single has been received eased some of that pressure?



Zayn: It’s had a good reaction, but I don’t think we can count any of our eggs before they hatch kind of thing.



Niall and Louis: Ooohhhhh.



Zayn: So we’ve just got our fingers crossed and hopefully it does well.



How has fame changed you?



Liam: I don’t think it’s changed anything, I’ve just got different hair.



Niall: Our job isn’t the most normal everyday job. We’re just five lads doing what we love and just having a good time doing it.



Zayn: Yup.



Louis: Our days have changed. We came straight out of school and we have quite long hours now. It’s quite an interesting change. We’re grateful.



How close are you guys now?



Liam: Really close.



Like brothers?




Liam: It’s always surprising that a lot of people don’t think we get on really well but we actually do. (Turns to Zayn and Niall) Today, you two finished each other’s sentences which I thought was quite funny. Yeah, we are like brothers.



What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?



Harry: Liam, do you remember any bin experiences?



Liam: When that girl jumped in the bin. It was full of eggshells.



Louis: Yeah, the eggs had not hatched. (laughs)



Why do you think fans love you so much? Does it surprise you?



Liam: Massively. I dunno, we just kind of mess around and have fun and the fans seem to like it. We’re just glad they enjoy our sense of humor really.


Who among you is the craziest?


Niall (motions to Louis): This one.


Zayn (points to Louis and Liam): These two.


Niall: Yeah, he’s mental.


Harry: Liam is the bad boy of the group.


Zayn: He’s crazy. He’s mental.


Louis: He’s the rebel.


Harry: He is the bad boy of the group.


Liam: They’re just being silly, don’t take any notice of it.


Who’s the funniest?


Niall: Toml.


Harry (looks at Louis, laughing): Did you see his face?


It’s always Louis! Who’s the weirdest, the strangest?


Louis: Terry. (laughs)


Zayn: Terry.


Who’s that?


Zayn: Terry’s our friend.


Louis: Yeah he’s our friend.


Who’s the most organized?


Zayn: I would say actually that Louis is actually really organized.


Louis: (laughs) No, you wouldn’t.


Yeah, that’s not what I read in your book.


Zayn: He’s not, really.


Niall: It used to be me, but not anymore.


Zayn: It was never you, you’re never organized.


Harry: Me or Niall.


Louis: You are not organized.


Zayn: Organized, she means, with your stuff. Not organized with your day to day.


Liam: Even then, I don’t think you are though.


Zayn: I think I’m quite organized with my stuff.


Do you spoil your families?


Harry: It’s not really about spoiling your family, it’s just nice to be able to get your mom a nice present for Christmas.


Liam: That is true. You know what, Harry? You’re a lovely lad.



You know how some celebrities have crazy backstage demands?



Zayn: We don’t have any. Nothing.


Liam: Hot tubs.


Zayn: No we don’t. No we don’t.


Liam: Hot tubs and monkeys. (laughs)



We know you love music—what else are you passionate about?


Harry: Football!


Zayn: Football!


Louis: Football!


Niall: Football!


Liam: Football! And games and stuff. I like animals. I want a dog. I do.


Zayn: I’m passionate about art.


Niall, your aunt predicted that you were going to be famous, right? How did she react to your success?




Niall: She can’t believe it. She lives in New York and she’s been to six of our signings.




Liam: She’s got special powers now.




Louis: She’s got a crystal ball.




Liam: She is a really nice woman.




Harry, what happened to all the turtles your fans were giving you?




Harry: They’re in a tub. (The boys all laugh.)




Who was the one who was getting all the carrots?




Louis: Zayn.




No, it’s you. What happened to the carrots?




Zayn: Louis loves carrots.




Liam: Louis actually ate them all whole.




Harry: Louis loves carrots.




Niall: Louis loves carrots.




Louis: And now I’ve actually turned into a carrot.




Liam: Sometimes he puts them in his ears.




Harry: Can you see the slight orange tinge to his skin? That’s because of the carrots.




Liam: He has a bath in carrots every morning.




Zayn, do you still have time to paint and draw?




Zayn: Yeah, whenever I get the chance to draw for stuff that we’re doing, like this one (shows his doodle on the back of their CD).




Liam, I read that you went through three rounds of “X Factor” with a hole in your shoe. How many pairs do you own now and which one’s your favorite?




Liam: Lots of shoes. I didn’t realize how many shoes I had, but I always put these ones on so it’s a bit ridiculous. I have loads of shoes but I only ever wear white Converse. That is my favorite. White Converse.




What’s the biggest thing you guys learned from Simon Cowell?




Zayn: I think Simon gave us the best advice when we started—which was to be the band we wanted to be. We took that advice.


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